Redesigning Denmark, Sweden and Finland’s 2022 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

The 2022 Olympics are just around the corner. Rosters are being officially announced and we return one final time to finish our series of 2022 Olympic hockey jersey redesigns. This week, we are featuring the final three teams: Team Denmark, Team Sweden, and Team Finland.

So far we’ve redesigned, Team CanadaUSAThe ROCLatviaJapan, ChinaGermany, Switzerland, Czechia, and Slovakia.

We have home and away concepts for Denmark, Sweden and Finland. You can click on every image to see the full size. Complete details on the design are shared below!


The 2022 Olympics will be the first ever for the country of Denmark. That gave us a pretty clean slate when designing this set of jerseys. So we went with a fairly simple look utilizing the Danish crest for the main logo and creating a classic red and white two tone jersey.


Finland was one of the first countries to release their jerseys for the 2022 Olympics, and they were pretty fantastic. It’s truly too bad most countries didn’t follow Finland’s lead as these jerseys might be some of the best they have ever worn.

With such a great design being used by the Finnish already, we opted to just change a few aspects of the design. by using a slightly more complex Finnish lion design, as well as making the lion white as opposed to gold. Less colours on a hockey jersey tends to be better, and we think it helps to simplify the truly amazing design the team is already using.


Sweden has possibly one of the most iconic looks in hockey. Their jerseys are as classic and untouchable as the original six teams of the NHL. So we didn’t do too much to change these ones up. The Swedes have had a lot of Olympic success so we chose to just go with a very simple one stripe design.

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With the final olympic teams now redesigned this series has come to an end. If you are just discovering this series now or missed one of our concepts you can find all of our 2022 Olympic redesigns linked below.

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