Redesigning China and Japan’s 2022 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

The 2022 Olympics continue to be a hot topic of conversation with NHL players starting to voice their thoughts publicly. While it’s unknown how things will finally work out, one constant we can depend on is that the Olympics remain a prime opportunity to take jerseys and give them fresh designs. And thus, we continue our series of 2022 Olympic hockey jersey redesigns. This week, we are featuring not one but two of the teams that will be playing. Both of which are representing the continent of Asia.

China as the host nation will be a part of both men’s and women’s tournaments, and the Japanese will be partaking in the women’s tournament.

So far we’ve redesigned, Team CanadaUSA, The ROC, and Latvia.

You can click on every image to see the full size. Complete details on the design are shared below!

Team China

China doesn’t have much of a history in Hockey for us to pull from so instead we decided to look at some of their international jerseys from other sports. This set primarily took inspiration from the 2012 Chinese Men’s Basketball team.


We also chose to use an altered version of the Team China national basketball team logo for this jersey. Because who doesn’t love a good dragon.

Team China Basketball logo

The final piece that makes these jerseys unique is our choice to make all the gold a glittery fabric, similar to that of what the Vegas Golden Knights use. We felt it helped to reflect both Chinese architecture and art a bit more, additionally it also gives the host nation a little bit of an extra shine.

Team Japan

Team Japan revealed their official jerseys last week and unlike many of the other jerseys that have been announced the general sentiment towards these was much more positive across the internet.

It’s easy to see why people responded well to these, but we felt that this set needed to take it one step further to truly realize its fullest potential.

We opted to use the fade effect that the actual jerseys use but instead of applying it to a rectangle with the word Japan at the top we used the red sun from Japan’s Flag to help simplify things.

We also changed up the placement of the numbering and captains patch, as well as made the faded piping on the sleeves fully wrap around as opposed to how it stops on the real jerseys.

More jersey concepts to come

Throughout the next few weeks we will be sharing jersey designs for every other 2022 Olympic qualifying hockey team. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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