In the fall of 2012, two Calgary Flames fans departed from Calgary for the chilly Edmonton to attend university. Bill Tran and Karim Kurji met in the first week of classes and became instant compadres. Often spotted on campus wearing their Flames gear proudly, they were tagged as public enemies #1 and #2. After five years, they both graduated as mechanical engineers and did what every mechanical engineer does upon graduating: started a hockey blog.

The Win Column strives to shine a light on the NHL as a whole, with a special emphasis on the Calgary Flames. Using their unique and definitely unbiased perspectives on the hockey world, the goal of TWC is to provide interesting and relevant content to Flames fans and, most importantly, for Bill and Karim to have some fun covering the team that has become part of their identity.

With blessings from Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla, they hope to remain part of the Flames community for years to come.  

Find them both on twitter @mrbilltran and @karimkurji.