Redesigning Czechia and Slovakia’s 2022 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

The 2022 Olympics are just a few weeks away. So while we await the games, we once again return to continue our series of 2022 Olympic hockey jersey redesigns. This week, we are featuring two more teams: Team Czechia, and Team Slovakia.

So far we’ve redesigned, Team CanadaUSAThe ROCLatviaJapan, China, Germany, and Switzerland.

We have home and away concepts for Czechia and Slovakia next. You can click on every image to see the full size. Complete details on the design are shared below!

Team Czechia

As we’ve been doing with most of the teams in this series so far. We wanted to pay tribute to past olympic success with our design. These jersey primarily take inspiration from the 1998 Men’s team which won the gold medal at the Nagano Olympics.

We modernized the look they wore those olympics by moving the Czechia shield to the shoulders, and by using the Czech lion alone as the main crest on the jersey similarly to how they have done so at the World Juniors recently. We also took inspiration from some of their modern set below for the sleeves of the jersey as well.

Photo: Martin Voltr

Team Slovakia

Like with the Czechia jersey, we took inspiration for this set from Slovakia’s most successful olympic team of all time. This being the team the one they sent to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where the team got 4th place.

We gave the 2010 jersey a modern overhaul, but tried to keep some of its spirit alive through the almost shoulder pad style design on the shoulders themselves.

More jersey concepts to come

Next weeks we will be sharing the rest of our jersey designs for every other 2022 Olympic qualifying hockey team. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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