Redesigning Team USA’s 2022 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

As the 2022 Olympics near closer we are back this week with part two of our 2022 Olympic Hockey Jersey Redesign Series. Last week we redesigned Team Canada’s jerseys and this week we are tackling Team USA.

Team USA unveiled their official Olympic Jerseys on November 24th. Public sentiment signalled that perhaps Nike and the Team at USA Hockey could have done a better job with these.

Our Team USA Concepts

Here’s the full set of our three Team USA jersey concepts. You can click on every image to see the full size. Complete details on the design are shared below!

Primary Jerseys

With the return of the NHL to Olympic Hockey in 2022, a truly stellar current crop of American NHL players will suit up for USA. We thought it fitting to take inspiration from the famous 1992 USA Men’s Basketball “Dream Team” kit. It also being the 30th anniversary since those Olympics only made this choice even more fitting.

1992 Team USA Men’s Basketball Team (Photo Credits: Andrew D. Bernstein/ NBAE/ Getty Images)

To bring these jerseys into the modern Team USA brand a bit more we included the shield logo they used on their actual 2022 jerseys as the shoulder patches. We also went with a brighter blue and red for this set that is more reminiscent of some of their designs worn in the 80s.

Dark Throwback jerseys

For the alternate jersey we threw back to one of the most iconic moments in Team USA Hockey by taking the design of the Miracle on Ice jerseys from 1980, and darkening them up to give them a more modern touch.

Getty Images / Bruce Bennett

We also went with a drop shadow effect on the lettering and the text to give these jerseys a classic yet simple feel.

Team USA would look sharp in any of these jerseys, and they might even build their own dream team or see their own miracle on ice in a few short months. Including these little odes to USA’s international competition history could be one way for them to manifest destiny—except it’d be dominating the sport of hockey at the 2022 Olympics.

More jersey concepts to come

Throughout the next few weeks we will be sharing jersey designs for every other 2022 Olympic qualifying hockey team. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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