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Global Flames Fan Series – England

Earlier in June, we asked for Flames fans from around the world to tell us about their experiences cheering for the team from outside of Calgary. We did not expect to receive so many amazing replies from great fans all around the world.

So far, we’ve heard from fans spanning 102 cities and towns, 23 countries, and six continents. We’ve covered eight provinces and territories in Canada, and 19 states in the United States. The Flames community truly does cover the entire planet, and we’re lucky and proud to be part of that community. If you missed our post on the overall results and a coverage map, check it out here!

Full Global Flames Fan Series: Australia, England, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Brazil, China, the United States, and Canada outside of Calgary.

Next up in our Global Flames Fan Series is a collection of experiences from our friends in England! We’ve compiled responses to our questionnaire below from three Flames fans, the first two from London and the third from Cheltenham. We also received responses from other fans in London, and Portchester. Enjoy!

How did you become a Flames fan?

I grew up around Calgary and watched occasionally but was never really that into the Flames or sports in general. But after moving away to London, UK, I have found that the Flames have been a way for me to connect to my home and I’ve discovered a passion for it that I never had before.

Born in Calgary.

I run training courses in Calgary so adopted the Flames as my team.

Tell us about your experience following the Flames from outside of Calgary.

Time zones are a pain: afternoon games are a blessing.

Due to the time difference, it’s a bit tough to watch games live, so often times I have to stay away from media the day after a game and watch the game when the time suits me.

Due to the time difference home games are on at around 3am so watching live games is tough. I tend to watch the highlights on the Internet.

Do you watch games? If so, where do you typically watch and with whom?

I stream them online when I can.

Online by myself.

When I’m in Calgary in normally take in at least 1 games, generally watch them alone.

What is the most popular sport where you live, and which teams? What challenges do you face following the Flames?

Soccer – various clubs like Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc.

The biggest challenges are that no one else here follows hockey, so I have no one to talk about it with.

Football (Soccer).

Watching games live at obscene hours of the night, trying to watch the game the day after, avoiding sports media until I get to watch the games.

Soccer, rugby and cricket.

The time difference.

What is the best experience you’ve had as a Flames fan from where you live?

Just taking part in the community online while the games are on.

Watching the BOA get reignited this past season.

Any game we beat the Oilers.

What is the worst experience you’ve had as a Flames fan from where you live?

Having the season be cancelled and feeling like that connection to home is a little cut off.

The Flames getting pummeled by the Avalanche in the playoffs after such a promising regular season.

Last year’s playoffs.

Who is your favourite player and why?

Tkachuk – consistently makes plays that stick in the mind.

Mark Giordano. He grinded his way to being Captain of an NHL team and then a Norris Trophy recipient, all without having been drafted.

Dillon Dube; love his work ethic.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

We need more Scorch.

Keep doing your thing! Love grassroots sports media.

Wish I was in Calgary more often to see live games

Thanks to these three Flames fans for providing such great answers to our questionnaire. There were several other fans from England as well, and it looks like there’s a nice little community of supporters in England.

Love to see another Dube fan and know that the BOA is something people look forward to globally.

Are you from England and follow the Flames? Tell us about your experiences being a fan in the comments or on social media.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another Global Flames Fan Series article featuring our friends from Scotland in the United Kingdom!

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