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Global Flames fan survey – results are in

Over the past couple weeks, the TWC team has collected responses to our survey asking Flames fans from around the world to share their experiences being fans of the team from outside of Calgary.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by both the number of responses we received, and how many amazing stories fans shared with us.

Full Global Flames Fan Series: Australia, England, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Brazil, China, the United States, and Canada outside of Calgary.

We’ve been privileged to be part of the Flames community for over three years now, and we’ve loved every minute contributing with and getting to know great fans of the team. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the responses we got from various parts of the world.

Our survey asked fans questions about the their best and worst memories of being a Flames fan, how they became fans of the team, how they watch games and celebrate team victories outside of Calgary, and what sport is the most popular where they live, among other things.

Here are some fun stats about the survey responses we collected.

  • 145 survey responses collected
  • 102 cities represented
  • 23 countries represented
  • 6 continents represented

Do you live outside Calgary and follow the Flames? Let us know your stories in the comments or on social media!

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