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How the NHL is using online gambling to increase its revenue

Annual sponsorship revenue for the National Hockey League (NHL) in the 2022-2023 season increased by 21% compared to last season to $1.28 billion, outpacing the growth rate of other professional sports associations, including (NFL). This strong growth reflects a record 70 sponsors and a 6% increase in viewership on ABC and ESPN.

The main sponsors’ industries

Suppose you look at the overall structure of NHL sponsors. In that case, gambling dominates by a wide margin many bookmakers in North America, including Pin Up betting site, financial services, consumer goods, food, trade, technology, drinks, automotive, etc. The NHL has built a diverse portfolio of sponsors spanning 16 different industries.

The most significant number of transactions were concluded in gambling, with as many as nine contracts. The attractiveness of the NHL is associated primarily with the US and Canadian markets, which accounted for about 80% of sponsorship agreements.

Features of cooperation between the NHL and the gaming industry

Casinos and bookmakers make up a significant part of Canada’s economy and are essential partners. Gambling clubs sponsor not only the NHL, but also various youth leagues. There are so many online casinos related to hockey that you can’t keep track of them all. A hockey fan can do the Pin-Up Bet login or to another trusted company because many brands have already partnered with hockey clubs or are planning to establish cooperation to obtain sponsorship opportunities.

Teams across Canada receive sponsorship from casino brands, from major cities, including Toronto and Montreal, to smaller towns like Thunder Bay. Casinos give teams money for jerseys and equipment, so they can play without worrying about money. Gaming clubs also care for ordinary users; for example, you can get a Pin-Up Bet bonus to earn as much as possible.

Benefits of funding sports leagues by casinos

The relationship between hockey and casinos benefits all participants in the process. Sponsorship has long been an essential source of profit for teams and leagues. They can use the capital at their discretion:

  • build and buy new facilities, such as hockey arenas;
  • offer decent wages to player;
  • pay for the services of trainers, training, and business trips.

Casinos also benefit from partnering with NHL sports teams, as it increases their popularity in the community. When players see logos on athletes’ jerseys or the walls of hockey arenas, they associate casinos with the fun of hockey events, and the opportunity will motivate them to Pin Up bets.

As we can see, the interaction between bookmakers or casinos and hockey has become commonplace in Canada. Whether you like it or not, it’s clear that these kinds of sponsorships aren’t going anywhere. While they bring income to teams and a unique experience for fans, who make Pin Up Bet login, casinos, and bookmakers leave their mark on the history of Canadian hockey.

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