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Darryl Sutter’s most quotable moments this season

Everyone knows that Calgary Flames head coach Darryl Sutter doesn’t mince his words. Last season gave some of the best clips we’ve seen from Sutter in years after an absence from the league. This season has been no different. One liners, lessons, sarcasm, wisdom, and even a chuckle now and again. A Flames press conference is a must watch regardless of the outcome.

Complied below is the top five most quotable moments of 2022–23 from Darryl Sutter so far this season.

All video courtesy of Flames TV.

1. The Toronto Referees

Sutter didn’t hold back last week when the Flames visited the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and had major penalty trouble. Some of which Sutter didn’t agree with.

When asked about the officiating Sutter had an interesting interaction with reporter Eric Francis.

Sutter: “When you’re in Chicago all those years, you come into Toronto. You know what goes on. I won’t say nothing more.”

Reporter – “But this is two games in a row you guys have had a lot of penalties.”

Sutter – “So then write about. You think they were all penalties tonight, I don’t.”

Obviously Darryl wasn’t in the mood to build on what he said after telling the media: “I won’t say nothing more.” It was a frustrating game to say the least and evidently Darryl felt it was an unjust outcome.

2. Huberdeau’s mysterious absence from the bench mid-game

Halloween brought a great cut and dry Sutter response.

When asked why Huberdeau had to leave the bench mid game Darryl simply responded,

“I think he had to go take a sh*t.”

Simple, and to the point. The silence following is almost better than the actual response.

3. Don’t like (Calgary), leave.

After a wild free agent offseason and trade market centered around Calgary Darryl was asked about the city’s desirability to players. His response was simple, defending the city saying,

“If I lived in a city in Canada, this is where I’d live. Quite simple, very clear. I mean, what more do you want? Don’t like (Calgary) leave.”

An Alberta boy through and through. I don’t know what else the media expected out of this question. Frankly, I think all of the talk about Calgary being a less desirable location for players is just a rouse. Only centred around the ongoing arena deal and the fact that two guys left for reasons beyond just the city of Calgary.

4. Tkachuk and Toffoli Comparison

Before the regular season began Darryl was asked about the similarities in Toffoli and Tkachuk’s games. Not impressed with a training camp filled with questions about those who left the team, Darryl gave a very cut and dry in your face response saying,

“One guys won Stanley Cups. Been a part of long playoff runs”

The look on his face say’s it all. Not interested in comparing past to present, focus on the team now and move on. In Darryl’s eyes Toffoli’s intangibles are valuable enough to not even mention Tkachuk. Classic Darryl “I don’t have time for this” Sutter.

5. Subtle shot at Andrew Brunette

Sutter was asked what the differences were between the playstyle Jonathan Huberdeau and MacKenzie Weegar had experienced in Florida versus in Calgary. Darryl took his answer to a broader frame of mind than anyone expected, saying:

“I think the best way to explain that would be, Florida couldn’t beat Tampa in the playoffs last year, because Tampa played a certain way and Florida didn’t. I think Florida’s trying to play that way now, so, I think that’d be the best way to explain it.”

Referencing how Andrew Brunette’s east west play style was the knife in Florida’s back last year when they came up against a team similar to Calgary’s play style, Tampa Bay. To make it even worse, Brunette was replaced by Paul Maurice this past offseason after the Panthers won the Presidents’ Trophy. To add a little more spice to this quote from October, some people are presenting Brunette as a good replacement for Sutter amide the teams inconsistent start to the year.

More to come

Happy Sutter and Upset Sutter have both shown face this year and with the way the season’s going I’d hope for more smiles. 50 games to go, that means 100+ more Sutter pressers. At less than the halfway point of the season, stay tuned for more of Sutter’s most quotable moments.

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