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The best of Darryl Sutter 2021–22

Now that the season has concluded for the Calgary Flames, it’s time to look at back at the year that was. One particular development throughout the season was of course the Flames’ always straight to the point coach Darryl Sutter’s daily dealings with the media.

The best Sutterisms of the season

The newly-minted Jack Adams award winner could probably pick up an award for the best press conferences in the league as well. Throughout the season, Sutter had some all-timers when it came to answering questions and dealing with the media. Let’s take a look.

Sutter saved the franchise just because he felt like it

Imagine having the talent and ability to be sitting at home watching your favourite team suck and just thinking to yourself “I guess I’ll go coach them so they don’t suck anymore.”

In his first full year with the team, Sutter brought the Flames from outside the playoffs to first in the Pacific Division and the second round of the playoffs. Just because he felt like it.

The trade deadline doesn’t bother Sutter

I mean he’s not wrong. I wouldn’t expect him to get fired anytime soon though.

Sutter doesn’t like wasting good hats

The Flames actually had three hat tricks on home ice this season. Johnny Gaudreau on March 10, and Matthew Tkachuk on April 12 and May 18. That’s a lot of hats. Sorry Darryl.

Sutter knew what the Avalanche would do all along

He nailed it with this one. The Colorado Avalanche would knock out the Nashville Predators in just four games a month and a half later in the first round since Sutter made his claim. Now the Oilers have followed suit and joined the Predators in getting swept. Or as Darryl would say, a waste of eight days.

Regular season success means nothing to Sutter

Winning division titles? He’s won lots of them, so who cares? Once again he absolutely nails it as the Flames unfortunately experienced this season. Sure the banner will look nice up in the Saddledome rafters next season, but other than that it meant nothing.

Similarly he doesn’t have much time for individual awards. Sure he was the best coach in the NHL this season, but as he said that’s a regular season award which doesn’t mean much when it’s all said and done.

How about 10-game winning streaks? Well he’s not very interested in those either unless they come in the playoffs of course. Unfortunately the Flames would only manage half of that throughout their entire playoff run.

Who needs a team doctor when you’ve got a team farmer?

Who needs to waste time searching for a team doctor when you’ve got a man capable of stitching up horses and cows in 10 minutes? The Flames were the least injured team in the NHL this season, maybe it pays to have a farmer behind the bench.

Sutter gives the fans what they want

When Sutter was first brought on board, many fans worried the Flames would be boring to watch. They were the exact opposite of that all year.

This speech certainly worked in Game 1 of the second round. Now if only he could’ve given this same speech before Games 2, 3, 4, and 5.

He has a clear interpretation of what a kick is

Once again, is he wrong? We all know Blake Coleman’s goal was not a distinct kicking motion, and Sutter certainly seems to agree. Had he kicked someone in the head? That’s a different story.

Winning is everything to Sutter

Regardless of how your team plays, or how your top players play, if you get a win at the end of the game that’s all that matters to him. Can you blame him?

As soon as the hockey season ends, the farming season begins

Sutter is one heck of a hockey coach, but it’s not the only thing he focuses on. There’s no offseason in the Sutter household.

W’s, that’s when Sutter’s impressed

Probably the best Sutterism to come out of the whole 2021–22 season. He’s clearly a very hard man to impress. If you can pick up some W’s though, maybe he’ll be impressed.

A man of many talents

The Flames and their fans are very lucky to have Sutter on board. Not only is he one of the best coaches of his generation and legend in Calgary, he’s also one of the best interviews in the entire sport. Here’s hoping for more classic Sutterisms next year in 2022–23.

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