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Flames Fit Check: October 2023 pregame outfit rankings

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, throughout the season you’ll be seeing my top five pregame fits and an unfashionable mention that turned some heads for the wrong reasons.

The Flames have everyone talking in Calgary, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. There’s been plenty of debate about the team’s start to the season but the team has at least dressed the part.

Without further ado, let’s kick off the October 2023 edition of the Flames Fit Check.

1. Nikita Zadorov

The big man reached deep into his closet before last night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. The Flames’ Fit Check Champ notably turned some heads with this shiny purple velvet jacket.

Although Zadorov’s jacket takes some inspiration from Willy Wonka, the big man’s attitude hasn’t been too sweet. Obviously frustrated with the team’s start, Zadorov suggested it was up to the players to raise their game, not the coaches.

Much like his press conference this week, Zadorov’s fit last night was all business. The tie matches the jacket nicely and the checkered pants bring some pattern into the equation. With snow in the air, socks were a must and the shined-up boots tie it all together.

2. Blake Coleman

Pickles encapsulated Calgary perfectly on opening night with his city cowboy fit. The Texan went simple and clean with ties to his home state.

Off-white seemed to be the colour of the day as Blake matched nearly the whole ensemble aside from the shirt and boots. Comb the hair back, throw on the hat and hit the road.

To wrap it up, a well-fitted button-up of the jacket showcases a Texas-sized watch.

3. Dennis Gilbert

Dennis Gilbert brought his best real-life take on the viral AI yearbook photo challenge. Gilbert looks ready to take his high school sweetheart to the prom with this premature Movember stache and turtle neck.

To start it off, a nice textured blue jacket with a #SnowyStrong lapel pin—a nice gesture of support from the defence man after the Flames honoured Snow at the home opener.

Beyond the jacket lies the glue of the outfit: the turtle neck. It draws the eye to a moustache that shows envy of Dillon Dube’s, and a curl reminiscent of Mackenzie Weegar’s golden doodle. Simple grey pants with a nice gold belt buckle mix in well with the blues and round out the attire for the young defender.

4. Jonathan Huberdeau

I’ve got good news and bad news, I’ll give you the bad news first. Jonathan Huberdeau has four points through eight games and hasn’t recorded a point in his last four games. The good news, he’s tied for second in scoring on the team. Well, maybe both are bad news.

That being said, let’s shed some light on the guy. It’s only a four-game slump, right?

Huberdeau brought a presidential fit on the road to Washington, sporting this nice sand brown suit. The pinstripes are subtle but nice and a textured burgundy tie with the white shirt is a professional touch.

If you look closely you can see a hint of the printed lining on the suit jacket. It’s tough to make out what it is but nevertheless it’s a nice touch. A subtle patterned pocket square under the backpack strap rounds out this road ensemble.

Ayez fière allure, sentez-vous bien, jouez bien Jonathan.

5. Chris Tanev

Taney brought his best, and a muffin, to the rink last night. The veteran looks about as much of a hockey player as they come with a loose tie knot and the slicked-back hair.

Blue pants bring out the stripes in a sporty grey jacket and lay the foundation for a new outer space tie. If his happy-go-lucky expression wasn’t enough, Tanev’s tie is a reminder he’s not all tooth gaps and shot blocks.

To round out the fit, Tanev sports a very nice gold watch that contrasts the to-go muffin and Superman Yeti to perfection. All in al, a high style, high-carb fit.

Unfashionable Mention – Jacob Markstrom

Jacob, it’s not you, it’s the jacket. You seem like a nice guy. You’re a hardworking guy who’s dedicated your entire life to becoming one of the top 30 players at your position.

You’ve earned a decent living doing so. Why spend any of that money on this? It’s a flannel suit jacket. I’m born and raised in Alberta and I don’t even need a flannel suit jacket.

Is it a Swedish thing? Is it a family heirloom? Is it a gift from someone close that you don’t want to disappoint?

Outside of the jacket, it’s not half bad. You know, Markstrom can wear whatever he wants for the season. He has his confidence back up and has been their best player. If the Flames can get some run support for the Swede, they might even win some games.

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, I’m no expert. Maybe it’s just a me thing. Let me know what you all think.

All photos courtesy of @NHLFlames.

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