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When and where you can catch every Calgary Flames jersey this season

The Calgary Flames jersey is one of the best in the NHL. Anyone who denies that simply has no taste. 

Their current rotation of jerseys has been one of the best since the team went “full retro” a few seasons ago and then they added their black “Blasty” jerseys into the mix as well. The 2023–24 NHL season will be no different as all three will be making a return to the ice, as well as the addition of the new Heritage Classic sets. 

Here is a full breakdown of when each jersey will be worn and where: 

The Rotation:

Over the 82-game season, here is where you can catch every jersey:

  • The Home Reds
    • 28 games, 27 of which are at home and one road game on January 13 at Vegas
  • The Away Whites
    • 38 games which are all the road
  • Blasty
    • 13 games which are all at home including some notable games against the Edmonton Oilers and Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Heritage Classic
    • Three games, two on the road including the Heritage Classic and one at home. 

The Flames released a beautiful graphic for your viewing pleasure: 

With this being the last season that the Adidas jerseys will be in circulation, you would be wise to map out which games you want to see which jerseys at. Next year, there is a strong chance that the jerseys will both not be the same as this year as well as not looking as good. 

Enjoy it while you can!

Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

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