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It’s time for the Calgary Flames to change their goal song and there are good options available

The topic of the Calgary Flames goal song has circulated on social media recently. Right now, the Flames goal song is “T.N.T” by AC/DC, and has been since the 2015–16 season. This song is fine, but it doesn’t do a lot for me. I also think it gives off vibes from the previous regime (Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Tkachuk, Sean Monahan, et al.). A new song would be good to symbolize a new era of Flames hockey. Last year was a dark year for the Flames, but the team has since ushered in a new era with Craig Conroy, Ryan Huska, and a focus on younger players getting lineup time. Why not give the team a new (and perhaps newer-aged) goal song, that can excite the fanbase a little more.

This topic was sparked with a poll by Noah Adler, shown below:

As you can see, 440 people cast their votes, which is a reasonable survey. Of these 440, over 60% want to see a change. It’s time for a new goal song.

I’ve come up with three suggestions of my own, below. Note, all three of the suggestions have a fire or heat theme, to go along with the Flames of course. Music is very opinionated, so you are likely to disagree with me, especially the older crowd. So I apologize for that. But hey, I think all three of these would be awesome in various degrees. I’ve organized them in terms of my favourite choice (Light ‘Em Up) going down to my least favourite choice (Fire Burning).

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy

I think “Light ‘Em Up” is a perfect choice for the next goal song. If the Flames are scoring, they are quite literally lighting someone up with fire. The lyrics of this song fit almost perfectly with the Flames scoring a goal. The Flames’ goal song would start at around the 0:49 second mark of this song. I like this option because it’s not strictly pop, and style has a rock flare. This song goes extremely hard and is almost a perfect goal song for the Calgary Flames. Imagine the goal horn sounds and then the words “Light ‘Em Up, Up, Up, Light ‘Em Up, Up, Up, Light ‘Em Up, Up Up, I’m On Fire” take over. This is too good.

Fireball by Pitbull (feat. John Ryan)

Pitbull was just here for Stampede 2023, and he rocked the Saddledome. “Fireball” is one of his biggest hits. Need I say more? A song about a literal ball of fire, while Flames erupt in the ‘Dome, would be awesome. Plus, this song has more of a pop and dancing feel, so hopefully it would cause a little more excitement in the Saddledome. I already know older audiences are going to hate this suggestion. The proposed goal song would start around 1:30. Another little caveat: On a previous podcast I co-hosted, Mikael Backlund told us Fireball is his favourite drink on a night out. Now that he’s the captain of the team, there’s no better way to celebrate and honour Backlund.

‘Fire Burning’ by Sean Kingston

This is more of a recent song for the newer crowd. I admit, I’m not sure how well this would work. But, with a title like “Fire Burning,” I had to include it. Everyone aged 30 or under has this song engraved into their minds and it will never leave. The goal song would start around the 0:52 second mark.

We haven’t even talked about the Flames intro song. That’s a conversation for another time. But, “Burn It To The Ground” by Nickelback would be an awesome intro song. Just throwing that out there.

What are your thoughts on the Flames goal song? Does it need changed? If so, what is your suggested goal song?

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