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Flames Sunday Census: Evaluating the Calgary Flames’ best skater prospect

The Calgary Flames have seen their prospect cupboard get restocked over the last couple of years through drafts and trades. And while they haven’t drafted a prospect with a top-10 pick since Matthew Tkachuk, there are still some very talented players in the organization. Some of these players will even be pushing for a spot on the opening night roster. So with this in mind and with a new season about to start, it’s time to ask, who is the Flames best skater prospect? We asked, you answered.

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Who is the best skater prospect

We presented the below poll:

Matthew Coronato

Coronato is by far the best goal scoring prospect that the Flames have. He has elite goal scoring potential and has shown flashes of it in Harvard and during the World Junior Championships. He played one game for the Flames last year against the Sharks, and although he didn’t get a goal, he got some very good opportunities and didn’t look out of place at all. The Flames are going to be desperate for some more goal scoring this season, and especially with the loss of Tyler Toffoli, and Coronato has a solid chance to make the team. If he doesn’t make the Flames roster and is in the AHL, it won’t be for a long time. To learn more about Coronato, visit his prospect profile.

Samuel Honzek

The Flames most recent drafted prospect is an incredibly intriguing player. At 6’4 and 194 pounds, Honzek is big player, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his offensive abilities. Honzek is a very good skater at his size, and he is excellent at using his size to his advantage offensively. It is extremely unlikely that Honzek secures a spot on the Flames roster this year, however, if everything comes together for Honzek, he could be a unicorn type of player once he reaches his potential. To learn more about Honzek visit his prospect profile.

Connor Zary

Zary has had his fair share of good years and bad years throughout his development with the Flames organization. His first full season with the Stockton Heat was not one to remember, as it was filled with injuries, and Zary never really looked like the same player when he came back from injury. Last season was a very welcome change, as Zary put up 58 points in 72 games. He may not make the opening night roster, however, don’t be surprised if he plays a couple NHL games this year. To learn more about Zary visit his prospect profile.

Jakob Pelletier

The most NHL-ready prospect out of all the names in the poll is Jakob Pelletier. He played 24 games for the Flames last year, and produced 7 points. Pelletier provided the team with much-needed speed, however, he also has a great two way game. I would be shocked if he doesn’t make the team this year. Out of all the players in this poll, Pelletier may not have the highest upside, but you can bet that he will be one of the hardest working players on the ice during games. His energy is infectious, and his production is only going to get better with more NHL games under his belt. To learn more about Pelltier visit his prospect profile.

Youth movement

With the departure of some bottom six players, the Flames will be inserting more youth into their lineup. There will be at least one spot available, probably even multiple. This opportunity will be key for the prospects in their development, but it will also be key for the Flames to stay competitive. It will be interesting to see which fo the four prospects listed will stand out.

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