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The 2023-24 Calgary Flames puppy roster

Hockey fans are itching for the NHL season to start again. Many of them are already making their predictions for which team will and won’t make the playoffs, while I on the other hand, am more focused on the changes that have been made to the Calgary Flames puppy roster. This is where the true hard-hitting analysis comes in, so let’s get started and see which floofs are on the team. Let’s take a look.

Wyndham Coleman (“Wyn”)

Returning for another season is the absolute floof monster, Wyn. I said it last year and I will say it again, you can not tell me that this dog is real. He looks too perfect to be real. Straight out of a build-a-bear workshop. Wyn has an incredibly boopable nose, and eyes that would make Taylor Swift relate them to James Dean.

You can put this beautiful doodle in the Wyn column.


Stitch & Penny Lindholm

Don’t ask me which is which, but Stitch and Penny are back for another year. We first need to talk about the ears. I think they couple hear a pin drop from miles away with how big those ears are, and it only just adds to how cute these two dogs are. Secondly, those whiskers are incredible, and they will always put my ability to grow facial hair to shame. Third of all, and best of all in my opinion, we need to take a look at the best video to ever be uploaded to the internet, starring Stitch.

The definition of if at first you can’t succeed, try, try again. Stitch is an adventure seeker, and I applaud her for persevering and getting past that very unaccommodating log.

Lastly, I want to take Elias Lindholm for showing everyone that no matter what, he will always be sleeping better than anyone else in Calgary, and Stich and Penny are the reason why.

I would run into oncoming traffic and lie down on the road for these dogs. 15/10.

Dexter Backlund

Look at this distinguished gentleman. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I am extremely happy that Dexter is back for another year on the roster. This might be one of the most boopable noses that I have ever seen, but I feel like I would have to bow to Dexter first before I boop his nose. If Dexter even gave me the time of day by just looking at me, I would feel honoured and I would not stop thinking about it for the rest of my life.

15/10. Please love me Dexter.

Riley and Stanley Tanev

Folks, the pugs are back. I have had a year to figure this out, but I still have no idea what is going on with their tongues. However, I absolutely love it. This is the type of energy we all need in our life, and I think we should all strive to be like Riley and Stanley every day we wake up.

Here is one more picture of them because oh my god they are so precious

15/10. They can do literally no wrong.

Luna and Luzy Zadorov

I could not be more thrilled that these two and their Flames bandanas are back on the roster for another year. Their ears? Incredible. The boopability of their noses? Spectacular. Their ability to pose for the camera? Model like. We are so grateful and lucky to have them returning to the roster.

13/10. No notes.

Ibra Markstrom

The most relatable dog is back for another year to sleep his worries away. I truly wish I could have a sleep as deep as Ibra’s is in this video. Those eyes could not be more shut, and the fact that his tongue is just poking out a tiny bit from his mouth is all the confirmation that we need that he is absolutely passed out. This is the sleep you wake up from and forget what time, day, month, and year it is.

12/10 dog, Infinity/10 sleep.

MacKenzie Weegar’s Golden Doodle

We have had a full year for Weegar to finally showcase his doodle, and yet we still have nothing. Weegar, if you are reading this (you are absolutely not reading this… unless?), please post some content of your dog. The fans are begging for this.

Anyway, pick a number over 10 and that is the rating.

Yegor Sharangovich’s Dog

I have done so much digging but I can not figure out what the name of this ball of happiness is. Until we get more information about this dog’s name, I will be referring to this dog as Pup Sharangovich. Pup is a new addition to the Flames puppy roster, and I hope it stays that way forever. I am obsessed with the colour of this dog and the tail. Also, those ears are so floppy they are absolutely perfect for playing peek-a-boo.

16/10. Please have me over for a playdate I will pay to dog sit this perfect animal.

Simba Duehr

Another new addition to the team, and he is named after Simba in the Lion King so he has already won over my heart. Simba is incredibly photogenic, I mean look at how happy he looks in these pictures. And sticking his tongue out for this first picture? He is an icon. His outfit is perfect and he looks very dignified in his well-pressed suit. I really need him to film a fit check at some point during the season.

15/10, I would die for Simba.

Stanley pup contenders

We have an incredibly strong roster of Calgary Flames pups this year, and part of that reason is the massive addition of Simba and Pup Sharangovich. I have done absolutely zero research about this for any other NHL team, but this is the best puppy roster roster in the NHL. Congratulations to the 2023–24 Calgary Flames Puppy Roster for their Stanley Pup victory.

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