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The Calgary Flames puppy roster

The NHL season starts on October 7, and the hockey world could not be more excited. Some are on CapFriendly playing around with lineup combinations, some are watching every single preseason game, and others are probably preparing for their upcoming fantasy draft.

For the Flames and their fans, the excitement is even more palpable with the new roster looking to make a statement. Me on the other hand? I am looking at cute dogs. The Flames have a great group of fluffs in their family, so let’s take a look at them and say “awwww” together.

Wyndham Coleman (“Wyn”)

The amount of fluff on this dog is impeccable. By just looking at this picture you know that Wyndham is all fun and would be an excellent ball of fluff to cuddle with. You can not tell me that this dog is real, Wyndham looks like a custom built bear from Build A Bear. Also, please look at his smile because wow.

You can definitely put him in the Wyn column.


Dodger Toffoli

Dodgey has my whole heart. Her paws are the size of a bottle cap but she makes up for it with her gigantic heart. Also, the ear-to-head ratio on this pup is incredible. On top of that, her eyes are just as cute, and she has her own Flames jersey. Sure the jersey might be a little big on her, but seeing as her head is probably 60% of her body, we are going to blame the jersey on this one.

My favourite thing about Dodger though, is that she somehow convinced Tyler Toffoli and Cat (Belanger) Toffoli to get matching Christmas sweaters with her face on it.

That is incredible negotiating by Dodger and I truly think that she should get an Assistant General Manager position in the Flames front office. Clearly her negotiation skills are off the charts.


Stitch Lindholm

Stitch’s whiskers are better than any moustache that I will ever be able to grow in my life. This is not even an exaggeration. Also, Stitch is a very avid hiker, just look at this video that Elias Lindholm posted.

Listen, could she balance on the log for more than one second? No. But is it the log’s fault for being slippery and in no way reflects on Stitch’s abilities? Absolutely. Stitch is an adventure seeker. As someone who struggles to order anything that isn’t a grande chai latte at Starbucks every single time I visit, I applaud Stitch for trying new things. 13/10.

Penny Lindholm

Penny knows how to pose for the camera. The head tilt, direct eye contact to the camera, and with both ears flopping, Penny knows exactly what she is doing. She is super cute, and her bond with Stitch is clearly something that can not be broken.


Dexter Backlund

This is one of the most majestic dogs I have ever looked at. What is he looking at? Are there a bunch of squirrels outside the window? Maybe 20 tennis balls fell out of the sky? Or maybe, he is guarding the house while Backlund is skating at the Saddledome. Either way, I would trust Dexter with my life. 15/10.

Riley and Stanley Tanev

Usually, I would write about each dog individually, but after seeing this picture, it is obvious they need to have a section just for themselves. Both Stanley and Riley look absolutely ecstatic just to be taking a picture. On top of that, I have no idea what is happening with their tongues, but it is adorable and I would walk through oncoming traffic for them. 15/10.

Luna and Lucy Zadorov

Luna and Lucy have their own Instagram account, so naturally, they will have their own section in this post too. First off, those Flames bandanas are incredible, and both Luna and Lucy are modelling them perfectly. Both of their noses are off the charts boop-able. In fact, I bet that their boops per 60 minutes (B/60) is at least 15, much higher than Oilers dogs would clock in. Luna and Lucy’s bandanas will absolutely never go out of style. 13/10.

George Rooney

Kevin Rooney was the absolute surprise acquisition during free agency, but his dog George is adorable. The Flames office clearly had their eyes on the dog just as much as they did the player. George also has matching sweaters with Rooney. Unfortunately, Kevin (the human Rooney) doesn’t post about George (the dog Rooney) too much, but I absolutely love the black and white fur, and how the fur by his nose is white as it really increases the snoot exposure.


Theodore Lucic

Just an absolute fluff. No question about it. I just love to see the snow all over his face as you just know he was having the time of his life outside. Theodore turned 1 years old in August, and he already has more nice pictures of himself than I do. I mean look at this picture of him at the beach.

Honestly a fantastic smile, excellent head tilt, and a very boopable nose. Milan Lucic, if you are reading this, I would do anything for Theodore and I would love to dog-sit. In fact, you don’t even need to pay me, I will actually pay you to dog-sit Theodore. Please reach out thank you so much.


Ibra Markstrom

In this video, Ibra is absolutely passed out and I’m sure he deserves the rest. The eyes could not be more closed, and the fact that his tongue is just peaking out a little bit just reinforces the deep slumber he is in. This is the exact state of relaxation we should all be striving toward in our lives. Thank you Ibra for constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. 10/10 sweet dreams, 12/10 doggy zen vibes.

Murphy and Gus Treliving

Murphy and Gus are elite athletes, it is not even up for debate. Look at both of them sprinting and then jumping into the water. Both should honestly be auditioned for a top 9 spot on the Flames, the team needs the athleticism. 14/10.

MacKenzie Weegar’s Golden Doodle

Apparently, MacKenzie Weegar has a golden doodle, and if that really is correct, I am going to have to need Weegar to post more content of his magnificent doodle daily, if not hourly. Hopefully Brad makes it a condition in the contract extension that Weegar will sign (fingers crossed).

Never enough dog content

After writing this post I am suddenly interested in every single one of these dog’s lives. I really hope that the Flames start covering them. Maybe a weekly video where they post updates about what they have been up to? Maybe call it pupdates? Either way, I need this content.

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