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Calgary Flames officially bring on Jarome Iginla as Special Advisor to the GM

The Calgary Flames have done it again. Jarome Iginla is back as a Calgary Flame. This time around, it’s in an executive manner. Iginla has been officially announced as the Special Advisor to the General Manager.

In his new role, Iginla will provide support for Conroy in hockey operations. This teaming up has been years in the making and now that Craig Conroy has the keys to the car, it was evident that bringing Iginla back was a priority.

Bringing Iggy back

When Iginla was traded away back in 2012–13, his hockey career became that of a nomadic Cup chaser. Playing with Pittsburgh, Boston, Colorado, and finally Los Angeles, Iginla was unable to find true playoff success.

His last playoff appearance was back in 2013–14 where he played in 12 games in Boston’s second round exit. Since his last NHL game in 2016–17, Iginla has been out of the NHL entirely, focussing on his family and settling down.

Now, over a full decade after his last game as a Calgary Flame, Iginla is back.

Business ahead

This news comes out as a major move for the Calgary Flames. This move covers all the bases between Conroy bringing on someone he trusts, Iginla having a resume that fits to purpose of the job, and of course being one of the biggest fan service moves in franchise history. There’s plenty of work set to begin, but for now, the Flames have reignited themselves.

Iginla will also continue his role as a head coach of the RINK Hockey Academy Kelowna U15P, and will split time with his team there and the Flames.

The GOAT is back. Jarome Iginla is a Calgary Flame once again.

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