Redesigning the 2022 NHL All-Star Game jerseys

The 2022 NHL All-Star Weekend is now upon us! The weekend’s festivities take on special Las Vegas style twists including part of the skills competition taking place at the Bellagio fountain. Vegas seems like the ideal place for the All-Star Game given all the glamour and excitement of the strip, and this year’s All-Star Weekend seems to be mostly embracing the style of the city.

Unfortunately one place that the NHL didn’t embrace the city of Las Vegas within their All-Star plans was with this years All-Star Jerseys.

While their jerseys are nice, they aren’t something representative of Vegas. So we here at The Win Column wanted to see what the All-Star jerseys could have looked like if they embraced the glitz and glamour of Vegas a bit more.

NHL All-Star jersey redesigned for Vegas

While this year’s jersey set took on a very classic approach to All-Star jerseys, we decided to go a little bit more experimental. Taking inspiration from the Golden Knights, we used a lot of gold glitter to give these jerseys some shine and sparkle.

The gold piping also includes little star shadows that make it very clear this jersey is meant for the All-Star Game. In the space between the piping we also took a little bit more inspiration from the Golden Knights by using a pattern found commonly in their branding and on their jerseys.

Theses jerseys would give the teams a truly All-Star look that pays proper tribute to the city they would be worn in. Hopefully one day jerseys like these hit the ice when the All-Star Game inevitably returns to Las Vegas.

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