NHL Official Sponsors for 2021-2022

The pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, sports inclusive. You would have heard about the moratorium on the regular season of the NHL. One could argue that fans would be grossly disappointed; it is nonetheless the logical and right thing to do. It was a very difficult decision to arrive at by the NHL, it nevertheless had to implement the recommendations of the medical experts after they have conferred with the board of governors of NHL. Frankly speaking adjustment to the new normal of paused sporting activities is a difficult one. You wouldn’t after all blame the NHL for this directive of pausing the 2019–2020 season.

One, an NBA player tested positive for Coronavirus and going by the reality that facilities and locker rooms are shared by leagues under the NHL; it is just a matter of time before the Coronavirus spreads to other members of the NHL community. Hence, the decision to pause the league season is validly on point. On the other hand, NHL thrives on sponsorship to carry out most of its obligated functions. Furthermore, NHL has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because of the Coronavirus pandemic that necessitated restricted movement and encouraged lockdown. So sponsorship has paused, making it difficult for the NHL to run its affairs.


Honda Confirmed as the NHL Automotive Sponsor

Honda is to continue to partner with the National Hockey League through the 2021–2022 seasons. This news has been received with extreme excitement, owing to the difficulty for Leagues around the world. Difficulties in getting sponsorship due to the extreme impact of Coronavirus pandemic on consumption, production and sustainability. It is worthy of note that Honda began a collaborative partnership with NHL in the United States at the start of 2007–2008 season. Canada was included in its partnership during the 2014–2015 season.

According to the NHL, Honda is to continue its presence at the NHL tentpole events throughout each season that will also include title sponsorship of Honda NHL All-Star Weekend. Other sponsorships of Honda to the NHL leagues include NHL Winter Classic, NHL Stadium Series, NHL Heritage Classic, NHL All-Star Game event logo. The commitment that Honda has demonstrated to NHL is extremely strong, as they have been a valuable partner for the past 12 years.

One can then understand the excitement of the NHL Group Vice President, Business Development in the name of Kyle McMann who said the partnership with Honda has been extended to the NHL All-Star Games. Honda is expected to have a camera visible dasher board presence during the nationally broadcast games in the United States and Canada throughout the regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Kraken Rum Becomes the Official Sponsor for Seattle Kraken

Things are continually getting in shape for the NHL. Even after Honda has extended its partnership with the National Hockey League, Seattle Kraken will become the National Hockey League’s next expansion team. On announcing Seattle Kraken, a perfect sponsor was found days after. And the official sponsor for Seattle Kraken is Kraken Rum. This new NHL franchise Seattle Kraken is indeed lucky to have a sponsor considering that it is new and that new franchise often have difficulty getting sponsorship for their work.

Looking closely at the new Franchise which goes by the name of Seattle Kraken and its official sponsor bearing Kraken Rum, you would not help but notice the similarity in their names. This has made both—I mean the NHL franchise and the official sponsor—to work out a lasting agreement that will take into cognizance pivotal issues like a trademark.

People have been commenting on this newfound partnership, with many in the affirmative that it is a perfect match. The shout of ‘Release the Kraken” being the coined phrase after the NHL new franchise called themselves as the Kraken, rent the air of the social media space. From the mythology to the expectations, one is assured of more interesting things to come in this newfound partnership between namesakes.

Potential New Partners

As a sport attracts more spectators, it also attracts new partnership with companies. The growth of hockey has been monumental and it has become an international game that hosts international events. Because of these giants’ strides that have been recorded especially in the North American clime, partnerships have helped the game to attract wide global appeal. Right now, the door is open for new partners to emerge with the National Hockey League on different fronts. Because sports partners come from different endeavors, the conditions for partnering are not restricted to one particular sector. As a matter of fact, it is open to all companies.

Casino related partners of the NHL currently are two in number. They are William Hill and MGM resorts. However, this might change soon as I recently bumped into Kayleigh Williams whilst picking up a coffee from the Euphoria Café. Kayleigh which is the editor and founder of casimoose.ca shared with me her great interest in joining the Canadian NHL partners program as means to boost the image of her brand and the new website whilst also supporting the NHL during these hard financial times for at least the 2021 – 2022 season. Two birds, one stone.


Current Sponsors Overview

One cannot discountenance the great advantage that sponsorship brings to sporting events. Before even going to the advantages, part of the meaningful logic behind the pause of the NHL league was because of the pause of sponsorship. The latter is a big deal, a great asset and a stabilizing factor in sporting activities and events. Hockey players are bound to focus more on their training which will increase their proficiency when sports lovers watch them play. This feat of proficiency cannot be achieved without sponsorship because it provides money to put in infrastructure that aid training in place. Please find below, the overview of current sponsors of the NHL.

NHL Global Partners

Adidas is one of the global partners of NHL. As it is known, Adidas is in the business of sports wears that covers clothing, shoes and wears for both sportsmen and sportswomen. The definitive supports for NHL can come in form of customized jerseys for hockey players and well as the provision of funding to the league.

Apple, another strong technology company also partners globally with NHL. The company is known to be in the business of manufacturing mobile phones, smart watch and computers. Apple has supported NHL globally in the area of fund provision. Other Global Partners of NHL include O.R.G.SAP, and EA SPORTS.

North American Partners

North America of NHL is highly privileged to have companies like Bridgestone and Budlight as its partners. The strong partners of the NHL in North America have contributed to the growth of Hockey. Bridgestone has carved a niche for itself in the tire industries. Its support for the NHL in North America comes in form of funding. Honda, a company that manufactures cars, automobiles is a strong partner of NHL in North America. The support of Honda has been quite consistent over the years. Great Clips, an online saloon checker actively partners and supports the NHL in North America. Other partners include Chemours, Enterprise, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, Las Vegas, MGM Resorts, PepsiCo, PPG, Little Caesars, Ticketmaster, Upper DECK, Kraft Heinz.


USA Partners

Signal, Dunkin, Discover are some of the American partners of NHL. Due to the fact that hockey is a big game in the United States; it has also enjoyed the partnership of Navy Federal Credit UnionNew Amsterdam Vodka, Truly Hand Seltzer and William Hill are also included in companies that provide partnerships for NHL in the United States. Geico, an insurance company provides insurance support and funding for the NHL. Jagermeister, Fanduel, and MassMutual are the other companies that have become the United States Partner of the National Hockey League.

Canada Partners

Hockey is a renowned game in Canada. It is a fact that the contemporary sport of ice hockey was developed in Canada and has become the sports with one of the most populous spectators. So Canadians see hockey as a cultural game for them. Ever since the first indoor hockey game was played in 1875, hockey has continued to enjoy wide participation.

The Canada partners of hockey include Air Canada, a big airline company in Canada, DanoneTim HortonsEssoMolsonSobeys and Rogers. Other companies that are partners of NHL in Canada are Nutrl Vodka, Pinty’s, KitKat, Krugal, Kellogg’s, Scotiabank and Canadian Tire.

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