Calgary Flames

Want to be a hockey writer?

Got strong stats-based opinions on the Flames, the NHL, and hockey in general? Looking for a platform to share those opinions? Good news, The Win Column is looking for new writers

What are we looking for

  • The ideal candidate will be a Flames fan. and ideally have a general idea about the team and how they operate. An openness to learn is always appreciated
  • They will also have a critical mind, and be able to provide nuanced opinions about hockey. Having an opinion is great, but being able to back it up with insights and facts is what we are looking for
  • Applicants should at least have a basic understanding of hockey analytics. By no means do you need to understand exactly how to calculate xGF, but having a basic understanding of Corsi For, High danger scoring chances, etc. would be an asset. A basic understanding with a willingness to learn goes a long way. (Want to know more about these statistics, read our primer here)
  • The Win Column is a tight knit community of hard working people who write regularly. When applying for this position, please ensure that you can commit to writing one article per week. We will work with you to show you tricks to shorten your writing process, but please ensure that you can commit to this
  • A background in writing is an asset, but so long as you can write in English reasonably well, we can work with that

Hey I’m interested, how do i apply?

Great question! To apply, please fill out the form below:

The deadline for applications is October 15th, so please get your applications in quickly. We look forward to adding some new voices to our team

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