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The Comeback Kids – Part 2: A look back at the Flames’ craziest comebacks

The comebacks continue in Part 2 of our Comeback Kids series. Missed the first part that covered the ridiculous 2014-15 season? Get up to date here:

The Comeback Kids – Part 1: 2014-15 Season

Today, we take a look at the next three seasons. Each with their own memorable moments, including big wins, heartbreak losses, and a handful of seriously electric comebacks.

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2015-16 NHL SEASon

Stars @ Flames – 12/1/2015

The situation: Another season, another three goal deficit for Bob Hartley’s Flames. Do you sense a trend here? The pesky Dallas Stars had jumped out to a 3-0 lead and entered the final frame looking to get out with their two point as soon as possible.

The comeback: Not so fast though. Mikael Backlund would start the scoring just a under two minutes into the third period, Johnny Gaudreau would follow suit getting the Flames within one, and then finally new comer Dougie Hamilton would join in on the fun to make the game 3-3 with just over two minutes left in the game.

The result: The game would need a shootout, and in the skills competition the Flames would earn a rare triple crown of goals from Joe Colborne, Sean Monahan, and Gaudreau to complete the huge comeback victory.

Bruins @ Flames – 12/4/2015

The situation: Literally the very next game, the Flames drew up an even more dramatic comeback. This one started of in the Flames’ favor, with the team getting out to 2-0 and 3-2 leads respectively before the Boston Bruins were the ones to stage two separate comebacks. Facing his former team for the first time, Hamilton was forced to make a play on a streaking Brad Marchand leading to a penalty shot. Marchand would not be denied, as the Flames looked to drop a serious heart breaker.

The comeback: Of course you know it wasn’t over, right? The Flames sustained a ton of zone pressure for the final minute of the hockey game, but were unable to secure the tying goal. At least not until 1.2 seconds remained on the clock, when Jiri Hudler put another notch on his comeback belt, forcing the Flames into OT.

The result: As if the story couldn’t get any better, with the Flames on a two-on-one, Hamilton left a drop pass for Gaudreau who would make no mistake and score his third of the game and complete the comeback in the most dramatic of fashions.

Although there were other comebacks in 2015-16, none were quite on the same level as others we had previously seen. The Flames would fail to make the playoffs that season, but had two memorable comebacks for the books.

2016-17 NHL Season

SABRES @ Flames – 10/18/2016

The situation: Still early in the season, the Flames found themselves down 2-1 to start the third period against the Sabres.

The comeback: Micheal Ferland started the first comeback, with his goal knotting the game at 2. The Sabres were able to make things interesting as they retook the lead just a few minutes later. It was then rookie Matthew Tkachuk who got in on the comeback action with his first career NHL goal.

The result: The game would head to OT, where a Gaudreau to Monahan connection would not be denied to steer home the Flames’ first comeback of the season. Nothing crazy here, but Tkachuk’s first NHL goal really sets this one apart.

Frankly, there were other comebacks this season, but nothing quite like what we have seen. So to the next season we go!

2017-18 NHL Season

Flames @ Flyers 11/18/2017

The situation: The definition of a back-and-forth game, the Flames fell behind to the Flyers on three separate occasions.

The comeback: The Flames fell behind 1-0, only to have Gaudreau tie it back up. Then the team fell behind 3-1, only to tie it back up at 3-3. Finally, the team was behind yet again 4-3, only to have Sean Monahan score his first career hat trick to get it back to a 4-4 game.

The result: The third period would yield no results resulting in extra time. In OT, Michael Frolik would net the OT winner past Brian Elliott, who would lose to his former team in dramatic fashion.

What comeback was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned this week for Part 3!

Photo by: Todd Korol/Getty Images

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