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Calgary Flames Over/Under Predictions 2019-20

Hockey is back. The Calgary Flames start their season on the road against the Colorado Avalanche next week. This year, join us for the second annual Are You Smarter Than The Win Column?


We’ve put together a comprehensive list of things we think might happen for the Flames over the course of the 2019-20 season, and marked them up with thresholds we believe will be the targets for this year. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide whether the threshold is realistic. Is Sean Monahan destined to hit the 35 goal mark? Does Johnny Gaudreau finally hit 100 points?

This year, we’re offering a prize to the person who picks the most correct answers by the end of the season. If that happens to be you, you’ll take home a Calgary Flames puck and some TWC stickers to go with it.

Submit your predictions using the form linked here.

We will post regular updates throughout the season as thresholds are reached (if any) to see how predictions are coming along.

Our thresholds and predictions are below. Who is the most out to lunch?

PlayerDescriptorO/U ValueBillKarimJohn MKhalidJohn E
Johnny GaudreauPoints99.5UUUUU
Sean MonahanGoals34.5OOOUO
Sean MonahanFOW%51.5UOOOO
Elias LindholmGoals21.5OOOOU
Matthew TkachukPoints81.5OUUUU
Mikael BacklundPoints49.5OUOOU
Michael FrolikGoals14.5OUUUO
Sam BennettSCF%49.5OUOUO
Sam BennettGoals14.5UUOOO
Mark JankowskiSHG4.5UUUUU
Austin CzarnikATOI11:595OOUUO
Andrew MangiapaneGoals12.5OOOOO
Derek RyanPoints39.5OUUUU
Derek RyanCF%53.5UOOOO
Dillon DubeGP40.5OOUOO
Michael StoneGP29.5UOOUO
Milan LucicGoals compared to James Neal-15.5OUOOU
Milan LucicCF%49.5UUOUU
Mark GiordanoPoints69.5OOOUU
T.J. BrodieCF%53.5UOOOO
Rasmus AnderssonPPG4.5UOOOO
Travis HamonicShots109.5OUOOO
Noah HanifinPoints29.5OOOOO
Oliver KylingtonPoints 19.5UOOUO
Juuso ValimakiGP1.5OUOOU
David RittichGP51.5OOOOU
Cam TalbotSV%0.9045OOOOO
TeamLongest Win Streak6.5OUUOU
TeamDouble Digit Goal Scorers9.5OOUOU
TeamNumber of All-Stars1.5UUOUO
TeamPowerplay Rank10.5OUUUO
TeamPenalty Kill Rank10.5OUUOU

Think you know better how the Flames will do this year? Submit your predictions and try to prove us wrong.

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