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Calgary Flames re-sign Matthew Tkachuk to three-year deal with $7M AAV

The Calgary Flames have re-signed RFA Matthew Tkachuk to a three-year contract extension worth $7 million AAV. Saving the best for last, the Flames’ roster is finally rounded out with Tkachuk.

This comes on the heels of Brayden Point’s contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tkachuk’s deal is $250k more per year, but with Florida’s tax structure, Tkachuk will end up taking home less than Point will. It looks like a fair deal for both sides.

The Flames also added a fun video to their feed:

Breaking down Tkachuk’s offensive contributions

Using the TWC Player Offensive Evaluation tool, let’s take a look at what having Tkachuk around for _ more years could potentially mean for the Flames’ offensive outputs. The tool uses 5v5 offensive data from the 2016-17 through to the 2018-19 seasons and compares a player to the rest of the league by using standard deviations.

Tkachuk has been largely successful over his entry-level contract and was rightfully rewarded. In the past three seasons, he’s been one of the Flames’ best offensive players. In particular, his dominance with puck possession was highlighted while playing with the 3M trio of himself, Mikael Backlund, and Michael Frolik. At 5v5, that line was arguably one of the best at possession in the league.

When looking at his individual shot generation, he’s still dominant, being above an entire standard deviation from league average. Scoring at 5v5 is his weakest point, but even then, it’s still well above average.

The Flames are probably very happy to have Tkachuk around for _ more years. While the RFA market this past offseason was unprecedented, at the end of the day Tkachuk is still a Flames player for years to come. He’ll hit his prime as a member of the young Flames offensive core and will look to further contribute to the Flames’ continued success.

If you haven’t checked it out already, here is a direct link:

The Win Column’s Player Offensive Evaluation Tool.

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