Hockey is back. The Calgary Flames start their season on the road against the Vancouver Canucks in just two days time. This year, join us for the inaugural Are You Smarter Than The Win Column?


We’ve put together a comprehensive list of things we think might happen for the Flames over the course of the 2018-19 season, and marked them up with thresholds we believe will be the targets for this year. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide whether the threshold is realistic. Is Sean Monahan destined to hit the 34 goal mark? Does Sam Bennett have more than 55 penalty minutes?

Submit your predictions using the form linked here.

We will post regular updates throughout the season as thresholds are reached (if any) to see how predictions are coming along.

Our thresholds and predictions are below. Who is the most out to lunch?

Descriptor 2018-19 O/U Bill Karim John Prabhat
Gaudreau Points 81.5 Over Over Over Over
Monahan Goals 33.5 Over Over Over Over
Lindholm Shots 163.5 Over Over Under Over
Tkachuk Penalties Drawn 39.5 Under Over Over Over
Backlund CF% 0.555 Over Over Over Under
Frolik Goals 9.5 Over Over Over Over
Dube Games Played 49.5 Under Over Under Over
Neal Goals 26.5 Under Under Over Over
Bennett PIMs 54.5 Under Over Over Under
Jankowski Goals 14.5 Under Under Over Under
Czarnik Points 29.5 Over Under Over Over
Mangiapane Games Played 41.5 Under Under Under Over
Giordano Points 44.5 Over Over Over Over
Brodie Assists 36.5 Under Under Under Over
Hanifin Points 38.5 Over Under Over Over
Andersson Games Played 16.5 Over Over Over Over
Valimaki Games Played 29.5 Under Under Under Over
Smith Games played 55.5 Under Over Under Under
Rittich SV% 0.8995 Over Over Over Over
Team Double Digit Goal Scorers 10.5 Over Under Over Over
Team Longest Winning Streak 7.5 Under Under Under Under
Team Powerplay Rank 12.5 Under Under Over Over
Team Rookies played 6.5 Under Over Under Under
Team Wins against Oilers 2.5 Over Over Under Over
Team Wins 42.5 Over Over Over Over

Think you know better how the Flames will do this year? Submit your predictions and try to prove us wrong.



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