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Andrew Mangiapane likely to be suspended after receiving a match penalty for intent to injure

The biggest storyline coming out of tonight’s game between the Calgary Flames and Seattle Kraken has absolutely nothing to do with the final score, as good as a win may feel for the Calgary Flames. Once again, it surrounds an extremely questionable play from one of the Flames’ key players.

Mangiapane made a malicious play

Midway through the first period of the game, Andrew Mangiapane was assessed a match penalty for intent to injure based on this crosscheck to Jared McCann:

An absolutely boneheaded play from Mangiapane just a few games after Rasmus Andersson returned from his four-game suspension for another boneheaded play.

The Kraken would score on the five-minute major, and McCann would miss some time in the game before returning. Despite the in-game discipline, this story is far from over.

Historical precedence from the NHL

Unfortunately for Mangiapane and the Flames, the Department of Player Safety has a very recent example to base this play on. In last year’s postseason, Jamie Benn was suspended for two games based on this play:

Now two playoff games is a massive suspension in the postseason, in the regular season that would easily be doubled if not more. Benn’s crosscheck is far more blatant compared to Mangiapane’s, but the intent to injure is identical. 

Four games or more seems reasonable based on how strict the DoPS has been this season.

That type of suspension would be painful for the team to swallow, based on where they are and what they have gone through. That being said, if you mess around, you’re gonna find out, and that is just what Mangiapane will realize.

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