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Reviewing the Calgary Flames NHL 24 Ratings

The NHL season is about to begin, so it’s that time again for a new EA Sports NHL video game. NHL 24 comes out officially on Friday, but early access comes out today at 12 p.m. EDT. We got even earlier access to the ratings of every single NHL player through Tougie24 on YouTube. With the overalls revealed, let’s review the ratings for the Calgary Flames in NHL 24 player by player and also compare them to their NHL 23 launch roster ratings.

Elias Lindholm

NHL 23: 89 – NHL 24: 89

Elias Lindholm is sitting at a steady 89 overall giving him no change from NHL 23. This puts him to be tied as the 16th-best centre in the game alongside the likes of Tim Stützle, Roope Hintz, and more. Lindholm possesses no zone ability but five superstar abilities, Shnipe, Magnetic, Yoink, No Contest, and Quick Draw which complement his scoring and two-way traits. An 89 is overall pretty fair for Lindholm, you could argue he should be an 88 because of his point drop-off, but an 89 will do.

Jonathan Huberdeau

NHL 23: 92 – NHL 24: 88

Jonathan Huberdeau has received one of the biggest downgrades in comparison to his NHL 23 rating. The change from 92 to 88 gives him a 4 overall demotion. Even with the downgrade, he’s tied for the 11th-highest-rated left winger in the game and is listed as the 14th best. Huberdeau lost his Tape to Tape zone X-Factor from NHL 23 with it becoming just a superstar ability. He also has three other superstar abilities in Third Eye, Puck on a String, and Magnetic, fitting his playmaking and dangling style. While the hits are harsh, it is fair for the season Huberdeau had considering he had the largest season-to-season point drop in NHL history.

MacKenzie Weegar

NHL 23: 86 – NHL 24: 87

The first upgrade on the list, MacKenzie Weegar has gone from an 86 to an 87 overall for NHL 24. His 87 rating makes Weegar tied for the 14th best left defenceman in the game while being listed as the 20th. He also has superstar X-Factors that highlight his strong defensive game. Those abilities are Quick Pick, Shutdown, and Bouncer. 87 overall is pretty fair for Weegar, we’d argue that he should be an 88, but it’s not a big enough difference to make too much of a fuss about.

Rasmus Andersson

NHL 23: 85 – NHL 24: 87

Continuing with the trend of upgrades, Rasmus Andersson received a boost of 2 and is now an 87 overall. Andersson is marked as the 18th best right-side defenceman in NHL 24 while being tied for 13th. This upgrade for him definitely is a result of his strong point totals over the past two seasons. A mix of offensive and defensive superstar X-Factors has now been given to Andersson. He’s been given the maximum five which are Send It, Tape to Tape, No Contest, Bouncer, and Quick Pick. For now, a rating of 87 is completely fair for Andersson.

Nazem Kadri

NHL 23: 88 – NHL 24: 86

We are done with upgrades and are back to downgrades, Nazem Kadri has fallen 2 overall, down to an 86. Kadri didn’t make EA’s centre list but an 86 puts him as a good second line centre which he is. Like Huberdeau, Kadri’s zone X-Factor, No Contest, became one of his four superstar abilities. The other three are Puck on a String, Tape to Tape, and Magnetic. No one likes to see a 2 overall drop, but Kadri’s 31-point drop in real life sadly makes him worthy of one.

Jacob Markstrom

NHL 23: 90 – NHL 24: 86

Another huge downgrade—just like Huberdeau—Jacob Markstrom has fallen 4 overall from a 90 to an 86. Last year, Markstrom was the fourth best goalie in the game, now he is tied for 12th and listed as the 16th best. In NHL 23, he had both a zone ability and superstar abilities, in NHL 24 he has unfortunately lost all of them. It sucks to see, but Markstrom’s rough season made a downgrade inevitable. You could argue it didn’t have to be as hard, but an 86 or 87 feels fair.

Noah Hanifin

NHL 23: 85 – NHL 24: 85

Noah Hanifin is staying at his solid of 85 overall from NHL 23. An 85 doesn’t make any lists but slots Hanifin in as a great second pairing defenceman for NHL 24. He also has no X-Factors and didn’t have any in NHL 23. I’d argue Hanifin should be an 86 overall and it’s more of a “he should’ve been that in NHL 23” than “he should get an upgrade” because most of his growth as a player came during the 2021–22 season.

Chris Tanev

NHL 23: 84 – NHL 24: 84

Chris Tanev joins Lindholm and Hanifin as players who didn’t receive a downgrade or upgrade. Tanev is staying at a solid 84 overall placing him as a solid 2nd pair defender. No X-Factors for Tanev, but Ice Pack (the shot-blocking ability) would suit him nicely. His defensive play alone makes Tanev in our eyes worthy of being 2 points higher and an 86 overall although 84 is fine.

Mikael Backlund

NHL 23: 83 – NHL 24: 83

The Flames’ new captain is seeing no change in his overall and is staying as an 83 overall. Backlund’s rating makes him a strong middle-six centre which is what he is. With Backlund coming off a career year in terms of points and underlying numbers, I feel that an 84 is more suitable for him for NHL 24.

Andrew Mangiapane

NHL 23: 85 – NHL 24: 83

Back to downgrades we go, Andrew Mangiapane has fallen 2 overall to an 83. Mangiapane is rated as a middle-six winger which is pretty fair for the last season. A 2 overall downgrade feels pretty harsh for just a 12-point drop and I feel as if an 84 rating for Mangiapane would be more fair.

Dan Vladar

NHL 23: 82 – NHL 24: 83

Dan Vladar has received a slight upgrade going up to an 83 overall. An 83 is typically a rating for a fringe-starter which you could argue that Vladar is. When looking at numbers, Vladar didn’t necessarily play much better than last year so maybe staying as an 82 would’ve been more fitting but an 83 works as well.

Nikita Zadorov

NHL 23: 81 – NHL 24: 82

Nikita Zadorov also received a 1 overall upgrade from an 81 to 82 overall. This makes Zadorov a third-pairing defender who can slot into the top-four when needed. Considering the year Zadorov had, we have no complaints and an 82 overall feels completely fair.

Yegor Sharangovich

NHL 23: 83 – NHL 24: 82

Yegor Sharangovich is on a new team for NHL 24, going from an 83-overall New Jersey Devil to an 82-overall Calgary Flame. Sharangovich’s downgraded rating makes him your typical middle-six winger which is what he currently is. Depending on who you ask, some might say Sharangovich should’ve stayed an 83 and others might say he should be an 81, so I feel an 82 is absolutely correct.

Blake Coleman

NHL 23: 82 – NHL 24: 82

Blake Coleman is staying put at an 82 overall for NHL 24. This keeps him as a middle-six winger which is the role he has served incredibly well in Calgary. Although it would be a small change, I would give Coleman a slight upgrade to an 83 overall based on his possession numbers.

Dillon Dube

NHL 23: 81 – NHL 24: 82

EA has given Dillon Dube a smaller upgrade to an 82 overall. Just like every other forward we’ve covered at 82, this rating puts Dube as a middle-six forward. Dube is a difficult player to rate. His point totals show a player that is usually rated higher than 82 but his streakiness says his rating might be fair. An 83 might be better for Dube but an 82 isn’t terrible either.

Oliver Kylington

NHL 23: 82 – NHL 24: 82

Oliver Kylington is staying as an 82 overall in NHL 24. Considering he missed the whole season due to personal and mental health issues, this rating is very respectful and reasonable.

Adam Ruzicka

NHL 23: 78 – NHL 24: 81

The biggest upgrade so far belongs to Adam Ruzicka. Ruzicka has jumped up 3 overall from a 78 to an 81. This rating places him as your typical third liner. Ruzicka is another difficult player to rate because there were points where he looked like a strong and top-six NHL player and other points he looked lost on the ice. He also only played 44 games which was mainly because of Darryl Sutter’s poor usage of him. With everything considered, I lean to saying an 80 is more fair but an 81 is fine too.

Jakob Pelletier

NHL 23: 78 – NHL 24: 79

Jakob Pelletier’s jump to the NHL has seen him receive a 1 overall boost. That boost does seem small but it’s more because a 78 was too high of starting overall for NHL 23. Given the situation Pelletier was in last season and what this season is supposed to be for him, a 79 is completely reasonable.

Jordan Oesterle

NHL 23: 78 – NHL 24: 79

Surprisingly, Jordan Oesterle has received an upgrade from EA, albeit a small one. A 79 rating puts Oesterle as a bottom pairing defender. Oesterle has had rough numbers for the past few years and typically serves as a seventh defenceman. Because of that, I feel a 78 or even a 77 is more fitting.

Connor Zary

NHL 23: 74 – NHL 24: 78

Connor Zary has been given the same treatment Pelletier received in NHL 23 and has gotten a big upgrade. He has grown from a 74 to 78 giving him a 4 overall boost. What I think about this rating completely depends on if he makes the team out of camp. A 75 or 76 seems more fair for now but an opening night roster spot could make this rating very reasonable.

Dryden Hunt

NHL 23: 75 – NHL 24: 78

Dryden Hunt has also received quite a big upgrade, jumping up 3 overall. Hunt will likely make the opening roster and play on the fourth line making his 78 rating fair.

Matt Coronato

NHL 23: 77 – NHL 24: 77

Matt Coronato wasn’t in NHL 23 until the very last roster update so it makes sense that he’s staying at a 77. A 77 is pretty fair for a guy who’s played one NHL game. The only argument to make it higher is just so he’ll perform better and faster in offline modes.

Walker Duehr

NHL 23: 70 – NHL 24: 74

Walker Duehr is up 4 overall from the start of NHL 23 to a 74 rating. A 74 seems very disrespectful to Duehr considering he’s pretty much a NHL regular on the Flames’ fourth line at this point. Duehr being around a 78 overall would be way more fair.

Overall thoughts

EA did pretty well with the Flames ratings this year. There aren’t many changes I’d make and the changes would be minor. It kind of sucks that the Flames are without a player with a zone ability but it is pretty fitting overall. Just like the team on the ice, a bounce-back season is needed before good things can come.

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