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Jayden Perron 2023 NHL Draft Profile

The 2023 NHL Draft class is shaping up to be one of the most explosive and deep classes in recent memory. The projected first round is littered with offensive firepower and athletes who might legitimately have Hall of Fame potential. The mid first-round projections this draft are difficult to rank, but Jayden Perron makes a strong case to be a top-20 selection.

The Winnipeg Manitoba product has burst onto the scene in his second USHL season. Some argue Perron should challenge for a top-10 pick, others have him ranked as low as a early second-round pick.

Who is Jayden Perron?

Jayden PerronRWR5’8″ / 173cm157lbs / 71kg

Perron was born on January 11, 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Perron played the majority of his minor hockey in Winnipeg before opting to take his talents to the USHL with the Chicago Steel, a program that’s developed top end talent to the likes of, Sean Farrell, Matthew Coronato, and Owen Power.

Furthermore, Perron committed to North Dakota State University to play in the NCAA after this season. The same school that produced Jonathan Toews, Zach Parise and T.J. Oshie.

Perron’s on-ice production

Perron is an intriguing prospect with great playmaking ability, edges and puck handling. Although Perron’s shot isn’t the hardest, his accuracy and quick release help him find the back of the net 24 times in 61 games this past season.

SeasonDraft RelativeLeagueTeamGPGAP
2018–19D-4WAAA U14Winnipeg Warriors U14 AAA30302050
2019–20D-3WAAA U15Winnipeg Warriors U15 AAA “A”364658104
D-3WAAA U17Winnipeg Bruins U17 AAA1011
2020–21D-2MU18HLWinnipeg Bruins U18 AAA4336
D-2T1EHL 16USioux Falls Power 16U AAA8314
2021–22D-1USHLChicago Steel60172845
2022–23D+0USHLChicago Steel61244872

Perron had a good rookie season with the Chicago Steel in 2021–22 posting 17 goals and 45 points at 16 years old, earning him USHL all rookie second team honours. His encore with the Steel was impressive as the winger averaged close to 1.2 points per game in his final season in the USHL.

Perron will start next season in the NCAA. The winger has elite talent but will benefit from the college route. At only 5’8″ and 157lbs, putting on weight, and hopefully still growing, will be a major priority for him.

Perron’s edges, acceleration and quick hands drive his playmaking ability to the next level. The young winger can command the neutral zone and offensive zone the entire width of the ice with the puck on his stick.

Jayden Perron’s strengths


Perron has elite stick handling ability. He uses them effectively in the offensive and defensive zone to create space and has exceptional ability to shoot or pass accurately off a deke. His game could be described as flashy and elusive, a threat as soon as he enters the offensive zone.

He creates chances for himself at the net, can fire off a quick shot or finish in tight. His passing ability and vision combine to make him dangerous with the puck in the offensive zone.


Perron has great awareness in all three zones. He plays a simple defensive game and is great at breaking up passing lanes and controlling the puck on breakouts. He has excellent patience with the puck, taking time to quickly analyze the zone and can freeze the defense with a fake waiting for a passing lane to open up. His quick decision making and passing create scoring opportunities for his teammates and he has the ability to perform in high pressure situations.


Perron has exceptional edges and lateral mobility. Although his top end speed isn’t amazing, his agility and quickness separate him from the crowd. Combine this with his hands and Perron becomes lethal entering the offensive zone off the rush. He utilizes the whole width of the ice and despite his size, has no problem attacking the middle of the ice. He’s usually the smallest player on the ice, but commands it and drives the offence for his team. Off the puck he’s always moving his feet and looking for opportunities to create turnovers, or get into an open passing lane.

Jayden Perron’s areas of improvement

Strength and size

Perron’s stature is his biggest disadvantage, but doesn’t make him ineffective. There’s still time for him to grow and if he can gain some weight over the next couple years his game could go to the next level. More strength would aid his top speed, shot power and ability to stay on the puck.

He uses his agility and quickness well to make up for these areas right now and shouldn’t hinder him as he moves onto the NCAA. The stronger he can get the more ability he’ll have to compete at the next level. Looking to lengthen his skating stride would aid his straight line speed as well and could set him apart in the future from the rest of the mid to late round picks in this draft.

Jayden Perron’s comparables

Perron has been compared to Andrew Mangiapane, albeit smaller and quicker. Their skating and playmaking ability is similar although Perron has more ability off the rush and better playmaking. Overall their two-way game is similar and could be a projection of Perron’s role in a few years when he enters the NHL.

Fit with the Flames

Perron is an attractive prospect for the Flames. He’s a right handed winger, with great playmaking ability and ceiling. He has the potential to grow into a great top six forward and could fit in well with the Conroy era Flames in a couple years.

Perron’s size is reminiscent of Johnny Gaudreau and he has some similar playmaking abilities. A prospect that could grow into a great player and fit’s into the Flames future plans.


Perron has a high ceiling and could grow into an elite playmaker one day. He still needs to develop and will be challenged at the next level against bigger and faster players in the NCAA. The winger’s skating, puck handling and playmaking make him an arguable top-15 pick in this draft. With so much talent in this draft class it’s likely that Perron goes in the first round but could be a steal at around picks #17–#25.

He needs to look to gain some muscle in the coming years but at only 18 he could still grow in stature before reaching the NHL. The NCAA is a great atmosphere for Perron to focus on gaining muscle and playing in a competitive and older league will challenge him. Overall he projects to continue developing well and could be at the NHL level in two years.

Perron has the potential to grow into a top-six playmaker and power play quarterback in the NHL.

Risk: 2/5

Reward: 4/5

Projection: Top-six goal playmaker, power play specialist

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