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The relationship between Canadian hockey and casino sponsorship

Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, both in terms of participation and viewership. And the NHL is one of the most profitable sports leagues in the world, as well as a great source of Canadian pride. Hockey is Canada’s national sport, and it’s no wonder why: hockey is a family activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. It requires teamwork, which makes it perfect for Canadian values. This sport has been played in Canada since the 1870s and became popular during World War II. By 1920, Canada had become the dominant power in ice hockey. As instant withdrawal casinos you can learn more about at the website continue to grow and thrive in Canada together with the hockey industry, it raises an important question: Why do casinos sponsor hockey teams?

This article will explore the relationship between Canadian hockey and casino sponsorship by taking an in-depth look at why this pairing makes sense for both parties involved.

Overview of casino sponsorship in Canadian hockey

Casinos are a big part of the Canadian economy, and they’re also a big part of hockey. The NHL is sponsored by casinos, as are multiple junior leagues across Canada. In fact, there are so many online casinos involved with hockey that it’s hard to keep track! Demand for top-rated casinos is growing, resulting in an increase in their number. Eager Canadian players who want to learn where to gamble next can read about best online casino in Canada at Casinosapproved and check the recommended options. Some of these brands are willing to team up with Canadian hockey teams for sponsorship opportunities. 

Teams all over Canada get sponsorship from casino brands—from major cities like Toronto and Montreal down to small towns like Thunder Bay. They give money for jerseys or equipment or even just stickers on game boards; it helps out teams financially so they can keep playing their games without worrying about money problems.

Examples of casino sponsorship in Canadian hockey

Gambling sponsorship casino brands offer Canadian hockey is significant. It’s not just a way to make money but also an opportunity for teams and leagues to promote their brand.

Here are some examples of casino sponsorship in Canadian hockey:

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs’ agreement with OLG
  • The Edmonton Oilers, sponsored by Rogers Place
  • The Vancouver Canucks had a collaboration with Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

Toronto Maple Leafs and OLG

OLG is the Ontario government agency responsible for gaming facilities and the sale of lottery games, Bingo and electronic gaming products at charities. The company was created in 1975 after many years of debate about how to regulate gambling in the province. OLG’s mandate includes ensuring that its operations are socially responsible while contributing to Ontario’s economy through job creation and investment opportunities in communities across Ontario.

Located in Toronto, The Toronto Maple Leafs play professional ice hockey out of Scotiabank Arena. In 2022, OLG became NHL’s first official sportsbook partner in Canada, with plans to launch an online betting platform for sports fans across Canada in 2023. In addition to the outdoor event, OLG sponsored pregame festivities as well. Moreover, with this partnership, OLG receives rights from NHL, including distributing logos through digital channels such as social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Edmonton Oilers and Rogers Place

As you may already know, the Edmonton Oilers are a professional ice hockey team from Canada, and Rogers Communications used to sponsor the team. In addition to sponsoring the Edmonton Oilers, Rogers Communications bought the naming rights to Edmonton’s downtown arena in 2013.

Rogers expands its thirteen-year sponsorship of the Edmonton Oilers with the Arena naming rights agreement. This included various branding and advertising placements within both facilities, including concourse areas as well as rink level (during games), on-ice branding during intermissions and at other designated times—throughout each season when not being used by visiting teams. All conditions have been agreed upon by both parties—including payment amounts paid annually over agreed-upon time periods.

Financial benefits for teams and leagues

The relationship between Canadian hockey and casinos is a mutually beneficial one. For teams and leagues, casino sports sponsorship can be an important source of revenue. Teams can earn money from casinos to use as they see fit:

  • To buy new facilities (hockey arenas)
  • To pay players’ salaries
  • To pay travel expenses for players, coaches, and staff members

Casinos also benefit from their deals with sports teams such as NFL casino sponsorship, because it helps them gain exposure in the community. When people see their logo on hockey jerseys or displayed across arenas’ walls and floors, they’ll associate that casino with fun times at hockey games–and perhaps even want to visit one of its locations!

The potential impact on youth hockey

Casinos can sponsor individual players, but only if they are not under 18. This means that casinos can sponsor teams and leagues but not individual players. They also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to how they choose to spend their money on hockey: 

  • They can give cash directly to teams so they can travel more easily; 
  • They could host tournaments or events where the proceeds go toward helping out local clubs; 
  • or they might even just take care of some expenses for an entire league (like paying for jerseys).

Casino sponsorship is most common in minor hockey leagues because these are organisations without much funding available from other sources like governments or corporate sponsorships.


As you can see, there is a strong relationship between Canadian hockey and casino sponsorship. The two industries have been working together for many years, and it seems like they will continue doing so in the future as well. Hockey fans are some of the most dedicated fans out there, so if you want to reach out to them with your brand, then sponsoring a team might be an option worth considering!

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