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Flames Sunday Census: Team Tank or Team Go For It

After another disappointing loss to a bottom feeder team against the Anaheim Ducks, the Calgary Flames are doing themselves absolutely zero favours in their bid to make the playoffs.

The Flames are clearly doing their best to go for it, but fans are divided on what they feel the team should do. This week, we asked about what you are cheering for Team Tank, or Team Go For It?

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What team are you on?

It was a simple poll this week:

Team Go For It

The vote was fairly close, but the minority are on Team Go For It.

Things are more fun when the Flames are winning, that much is certain. This season has, therefore, been very little fun, as the Flames have not only been losing, but they’ve been losing in the most crushing, boring, and disappointing ways. The Flames are now six points outside of the playoff picture in the Western Conference wild card race, and have officially fallen behind the Nashville Predators.

Still, they’re not out of the race, and if they can take advantage of their much easier schedule in the next couple weeks, the conversation could be very different than it is now.

Whether the Flames are actually capable of going on a run at all, strength of schedule aside, is something we have yet to see this season. Maybe they’ll turn on the afterburners and steamroll their way into the playoffs!

If you’re on Team Go For It, I admire your resolve, your loyalty, and your resilience.

Team Tank

The small majority of fans are on Team Tank.

At this point, the math is no longer there for the Flames to make the playoffs. Of course, it would be amazing for them to make it in, but the numbers are not on their side.

It probably makes sense for them to lose as many games as possible from now until the end of the year to secure as high a draft pick as possible. And, with the results from Saturday night, the Flames are actually closer to getting into the Connor Bedard lottery than they are to the playoffs.

Right now, they’re six points from Winnipeg for the second wild card spot. They’re only two points ahead of Buffalo, who are currently in 11th last place in the NHL.

It is, quite literally, more likely that the Flames are part of the Bedard lottery than the playoffs.

Team Tank is the way to go, in the opinion of myself, and mathematics.

What you had to say

Here’s what some replies had to say about Calgary’s status:

4 pts out of a playoff spot. Why on Earth should they tank?

Originally tweeted by Matt McQueen @mattmcqueen

5 teams behind us within 4 points and they have games in hand, very realistic that at least 3 can pass us

Originally tweeted by FlamesClover @FlamesClover on Mar 11, 2023.

Let’s be real—tanking isn’t worth it anymore. Hoping to see a strong final push through the last stretch #flames

Originally tweeted by positive flames fan @cgyflamesfan_ on .

I’ve been leaning more towards the tanking route lately, obvs not for bedard I don’t think that logical but just for a better pick I’d be happy with a top 10 pick, but at the same time who doesn’t want their team to make the playoffs? Literally been a rollarcoaster season.

Originally tweeted by eliteKADRI @mattallarie on Mar 11, 2023.

Team dgf

Originally tweeted by Allan Kerslake @AllanKerslake on

Best of luck

Best of luck to those of you in Team Go For It. The math isn’t on your side, the evidence isn’t in your favour, but you still believe. It’s admirable, really, and I envy you for it.

For those of you alongside me in Team Tank, we’re almost there. It’s been a tough year, but we’re almost at the finish line.

Got opinions? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @wincolumnCGY.

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