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Flames Fit Check: January 2023 pregame outfit rankings

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, throughout the season you’ll be seeing my top five pregame fits and an unfashionable mention that turned some heads for the wrong reasons. The turn of the calendar was friendly to the Flames’ wardrobes, ringing in the best edition yet.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top fits of January.

1. Jakob Pelletier

The rookie finally cracked the lineup last week and has looked great since getting his opportunity. But, with being called up almost two weeks before making his NHL debut, the Jakob Pelletier had to look good sitting up in the press box. He evidently succeeded as he takes the first spot this month. Notably the first time this season Nikita Zadorov hasn’t defended his belt as fit check champion.

The kid captures top spot with a simple yet classy grey peacoat and shirt on top of some charcoal checkered pants. Lots of contrast in the fit and the patterned pants hide any butter stains from runaway Dome popcorn up in the press box.

Brown boots that jump out on the monotone clothes and no belt for comfortable seating beside GMBT.

2. Nikita Zadorov

Nikita Zadorov brings a new flavour to his wardrobe with the scarf. It’s a big statement but he’s a big guy with a big reputation for setting the bar high on his strolls into the rink.

The scarf features what looks like a wagon wheel, potentially part of a chuck wagon? An homage to Calgary perhaps? Kind of Wild West meets the roaring twenties with the double breasted navy suit and scarf combo. White shirt and some dark boots to wrap it all together.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Zadorov pregame fit without a watch that costs more than my tuition. Nice silver piece with a dark face that matches the light and dark of the rest of the fit. Another home run from the big man.

3. Dillon Dube

The bearded bandit makes it back to back months on the list with a tidy brown double-breasted suit. Dillon Dube went simple and effective, just like his game. The buttons pop and match the shoes, bringing the shirt into play really well.

We see the return of the short ankle this month but the age old question of socks, no socks stumps me on this one. At first I thought no socks but then I noticed how big his ankles looked. Upon further zooming, Im going to settle with tan coloured socks but that’s more out of hope that Dube doesn’t have an ankle injury or low iron levels contributing to the cankle situation.

4. Blake Coleman

Lots going into this one from Blake Coleman. Purple beanie matching the purple checkered scarf and tie. Beyond that, the purple pulls out the striping in the jacket.

The longer you look at this one the more it becomes a blue/black or white/gold dress debate. Either way the patterns all tie together really well and bring out the details in the the ensemble.

Finished off with a brown belt to keep it casual, an Apple Watch to keep it sporty, and a smile to keep it light.

5. Jakob Pelletier

Pelts makes two appearances in his inaugural fit check month wearing a green suit similar to one we’ve seen Jonathan Huberdeau sport more than once this season.

The francophone duo sport different shades but the same style. Pelletier brings a blue stripped shirt into the mix adding some pop. White leather shoes finished off with a semi short hem on the pants. Just a sliver of ankle to capture that chinook feeling we’ve all had this January.

Best detail here is the odd pants button we first encountered last month, and a simple pocket square sporting a blue stripped edging mirroring the shirt. Bravo Pelts, now just stay in the lineup so we can see you defend your title next month.

Unfashionable Mention – Darryl Sutter

It was such a great fit check month we had to go off the board this edition. There’s no question Darryl has style. It’s just 64-year-old farmer style. Don’t get me wrong, the game day suits are clean and professional but we could afford to see some flavour in the Albertan’s wardrobe.

Imagine if we could get Zadorov’s tailor to Calgary, fit Darryl in a nice double-breasted, pinstriped suit? Can keep a bland brown or blue like Sutter often wears, but jazz up the bench presence a bit.

Just imagine the scene. There’s fear in Jay Woodcroft’s eyes as he looks over to see a silver haired Bond manning the bench with a grizzled smirk on his face. The Flames knock off the Oilers in four games to advance to the Stanley Cup finals and in the handshake line Darryl asks Jay where he buys his hair dye with a slight chuckle before shaking his hand to expose diamond cuff links and wishing him good luck on the golf course. We can only dream…

To end this edition I’d like to ask a favour from the Flames equipment staff. Can we get Darryl a warm up jacket or a fresh shirt after practice? The split collar and crooked hat don’t emit the “Look good, Feel good, Play good” vibes we need going into the second half.

All photos courtesy of @NHLFlames.

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