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Everything you need to know about the return of the Calgary Flames Blasty jerseys

It’s official! In what has been the worst kept secret in the city for months, the Calgary Flames are bringing back their Blasty jerseys as 2022–23 alternates. The crest, which originally debuted for the team in 1998, was brought back as part of the 2021 Reverse Retro collection to much fanfare, and has returned again this year. Let’s break it all down.

Calgary’s bringing back Blasty

This year’s jersey is very similar to the Reverse Retro version, which are almost the same as the original look from the 1990s, but for a few noticeable changes.

The new logo features Adidas’ Primegreen stitching around the crest, which makes the logo look much cleaner and fresher than previous iterations. The also added a bevel to the logo to really bring out the crest on the jersey. Take a look at the difference below:

The Flames have also added dark silver/black flames on the arms, which give it a really cool look. There were rumours of the team adding flags to the jerseys like they did from 2007 to 2009, but instead adding them to the collar, but this has not come to fruition.

The jerseys, just like with all jerseys in the league this season, are made with at least 50% recycled materials, as part of the Adidas’ ADIZERO Collection.

When the Flames will wear Blasty

The Flames will wear Blasty 13 times this season, all of which will be at home.

Most noteably, Blasty will be worn when Matthew Tkachuk and the Florida Panthers are in town on November 29, when Sean Monahan and the Montreal Canadiens come to town on December 1, when Johnny Gaudreau and the Columbus Blue Jackets come to town on January 23, and when former Captain Mark Giordano and the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town March 2. Talk about going full dark mode for the former Flame returnee tour.

Blasty’s back, alright

Love them or hate them, the Flames have done an excellent job designing a stunning third jersey relative to the rest of the league. The changes they’ve made are subtle, but make a huge impact to the overall look and feel of the jerseys this season, and the dates they chose to wear them are simply perfect. 10/10.

Photo by Boyan Demchuk.

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