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Calgary Flames make a “no-brainer” decision re-signing Darryl Sutter to a two-year extension

In a summer full of twists, turns, and extensions galore. It was only fitting that just a few days before the start of the 2022-23 NHL season, the Calgary Flames added one more name to that list.

Announced on the morning of Saturday October 8, the Flames officially announced a two-year contract extension for head coach Darry Sutter. Sutter was entering the final year on his previous deal, which was originally inked in March of 2020 after replacing Geoff Ward mid-season.

Sutter’s original contract was for three years, which included the remainder of the confusing COVID-19 shortened and isolated season, resulting in him requiring a new contract next summer. Rather than have it become a question later this season, or spring, the Flames got ahead of the curve and signed the long time bench boss for a two more seasons after this one.

Sutter’s latest track record

In the past two campaigns, Sutter held a 65–36–11 record with the team, which adds to his complete Flames coaching record of 172–109–26. Last season, Sutter set a personal best in terms of most wins in a season, as well as the most number of points earned as head coach in one season with 111. Additionally, with the team’s next win Sutter will earn his 700th coaching victory as head coach.

It was announced later in the day that the contract was for two years, keeping Sutter in Calgary until the end of the 2024–25 season. The Flames are in a win-now mode, especially for the next two seasons, which makes changing the head coach a non-starter. Sutter will be providing stability to what has been a volatile position over the past few seasons.

What Sutter had to say

When asked about the extension, Sutter had this to say courtesy of Aaron Vickers:

The plan was to get our players taken care of. Talk to him and Murray and it’s not that hard to figure out. It’s still the basis of what I said when I came here. Good team. Good city. Good owners. It wasn’t that hard.

I felt really obligated to Brad. When I came here I promised we would get this straightened back out again. It’s not just a straighten-out one-year thing. It’s the long haul.

We brought in really good people. I break it into three groups all the time — good people, good teammates, good competitors. That’s how it works. You’ve got to check all three boxes. Very simple, and that’s as honest as you can get.

– Darryl Sutter

Set on Sutter

Sutter’s most recent tenure with the team will outlast his previous tenure, where he was only head coach for three seasons. That is welcome news for the team.

The Calgary Flames and Darryl Sutter are the perfect match. This was a much needed and easy step to make before the season.

Next up: Brad Treliving. 

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