Predicting the 2022 Reverse Retro Jerseys for every team in the Metropolitan Division

The Reverse Retro jersey program is returning to the NHL for its second run in the upcoming 2022–23 NHL season, and we here at The Win Column are currently in the process of predicting every team’s new Reverse Retro design.

In case you missed it, here are our predictions on what the Pacific Division, Atlantic Division, and Central Division jerseys may look like.

Metropolitan Division Reverse Retro concepts

Today we will be taking our final peek at what the Metropolitan Division Reverse Retros could ideally be.

New York Islanders

While it’s quite unlikely that the team will actually release the Fisherman this should be an obvious choice for the New York Islanders. The Fisherman is what Islanders fans and even around the NHL have been begging for and the Islanders are burning money that could be theirs if they chose to release something akin to my mockup above.

1995 New York Islanders Jerseys via nhluniforms.com

The major change I did make here was that I wanted to see what a more modernized version of the jersey could look like so instead of including the waves that the original jersey had for striping, I chose to follow Seattle’s lead and instead used a faded gradient. I feel this gives the jersey a bit more class which seems to be something the Islanders are quite concerned with having.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers hit it out of the ballpark with their first reverse retro jersey by bringing back Lady Liberty. With little options to choose from, I chose to just make the white version of the same jersey they used last time. Although instead of using navy, I chose to pay tribute to the Rangers original lighter colour scheme that they used in the 1920s.

New York Rangers Reverse Retro Jersey via nhluniforms.com

New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are rumoured to be paying tribute to the defunct Kansas City Scouts with their second reverse retro jerseys, while still using their own logo.

1974 Kansas City Scouts Jerseys via nhluniforms.com

I also chose to do things a bit differently by using their unused prototype logo that was released alongside the official announcement of their team name. With the Devils now 40 years out from that announcement I think it would be fun to give that logo a chance to shine!

Philadelphia Flyers

For the Philadelphia Flyers, I threw way back to another team from Philadelphia’s hockey history: the Philadelphia Quakers. While this might work as more of a heritage jersey, I think it would be pretty popular among fans in Philly and would give them something very unique to enjoy.

1930 Philadelphia Quakers Jersey via nhluniforms.com

Pittsburgh Penguins

I chose to play it safe with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I know a lot of fans want to see the return of the “Robo-Penguin” but it’s been pretty clear over the past few years that ownership of the team has no interest in bringing back that logo or jersey, and unlike the Fisherman, I just don’t think it’s even that great…

Instead I chose to use the 2011 Winter Classic jersey as my inspiration which takes from various parts of Penguins history. What I did to change things up here was remove all blue, and keep it simple by only using the teams now classic yellow and black.

Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Winter Classic Jersey via nhluniforms.com

If the team chooses to go another direction with their reverse retro jersey, I could also see them use something like this for their upcoming Winter Classic Jersey.

Washington Capitals

Like the Rangers, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Washington Capitals did a phenomenal job with their previous Reverse Retro jersey. So like with the Rangers I chose to just invert their previous jersey, and create the white version. There are some rumours the team might bring back their teal and gold. But i’d prefer if the Capitals used their modern red and blue like last time.

Washington Capitals Reverse Retro Jersey via nhluniforms.com

If Washington were to bring a jersey like this onto the ice, I would seriously hope they pare it with their last reverse retro and make it their official home and aways sometime soon.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes had very few options for me to pick from, and I think they’ve already done everything they can with the Whalers jersey already so I chose to create a white version of their original Warning Flag alternate.

2008 Carolina Hurricanes Jerseys via nhluniforms.com

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets have arguably one of the best third jerseys in the NHL. If I had my way they would take those thirds, and this reverse retro concept right here and make them their official home and aways.

2010 Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys via nhluniforms.com

That’s all folks!

With the Metropolitan Division now complete, The Win Column’s predictions for the upcoming 2022 Reverse Retro jerseys are now all available.

Let us know which designs you like the most, or if you think that the NHL and Adidas might go a different direction with any of the jerseys we’ve designed so far.

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