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Everything you need to know about the Calgary Flames ahead of the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline

The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline is today, and depending on when you read this it may have already passed. What is bound to hopefully be another crazy day for the Calgary Flames, we want to get everyone up to speed on what they missed, what they need to know, and what could be on the table for the finale of the trading season.

The moves so far

The Calgary Flames have made three trades already this “deadline season” in acquring Tyler Toffoli, Calle Jarnkrok, and Michael McNiven.

We broke down all of those acquisitions in depth here:

Calgary Flames land Tyler Toffoli as Brad Treliving goes all-in

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Exploring the reasoning behind the Calgary Flames acquiring Michael McNiven

So far, Toffoli has been everything the Flames have wanted him to be, Jarnkrok has gotten off to a solid start, and McNiven was a free add for AHL depth.

The salary cap

We had broken down on two occasions just what the Flames were dealing with cap-wise prior to the Jarnkrok addition, and as well as after it. Of course, those both are now irrelevant as the Flames made another move heading into today’s deadline.

After waiving Brad Richardson yesterday, the Flames had an estimated $712K in banked cap and $800K once Richardson clears. That would give them $1.52M to play with today. Potentially a $3M man at 50% salary retained?

Trade targets

The Flames have been rumoured now, after acquiring some forward depth, to be looking at at a depth defenceman acquisition. We previously took a look at some options for the team, but there are still a number of players out there that could be hiding in the weeds we don’t know about yet. Could Brett Kulak be an option? Luke Schenn from the Vancouver Canucks? The possibilities are enticing, but absolutely look for the team to make this deal.

On the other hand, could the team look to add another forward? Since waiving Richardson gives them more cap flexibility, it also gives them a roster spot to add another forward. Is there a bigger deal in the works?

Trade deadline frenzy

As we all know deadline day can be stressful, so here at The Win Column we took a break from the hard hitting coverage and ranked all of Brad Treliving’s NHL Trade Deadline moves from one to fifteen. Additionally, we turned to the polls to see an overwhelming majority wanting to see the Flames make one more trade, and also turned to the history books to look at the last time the Calgary Flames made a deal with each NHL team.

As you are waiting for the trades to roll in by constantly refreshing Twitter, take a look at the fun stuff.

Check back in tomorrow to see our analysis of all the moves made today!

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