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What is the best way to bet on hockey?

The weather may be chilly, but the action on the ice is nothing short of sizzling. Memorable competitions, breathtaking goals, and heartbreaking losses characterize almost every NHL season.

The best way to bet on hockey is a subjective matter. This article will share information about money line, puck line, parlay, and other hockey betting terms. It will explain the basics of wagers, different ways of hockey betting, and more.

Hockey betting is popular all over the world, especially in North America. If you want to know how to bet on hockey in Montreal, Quebec, Vegas, or anywhere else, this short guide will have you covered.

Hockey betting in Canada 

Of the major sports leagues on the continent, the NHL is the most popular in Canada. Canadian culture is deeply entwined with hockey, and the seven Canadian teams account for the largest share of national content in the top leagues.

Canadians’ need to follow the NHL is reflected in the large number of bets being placed in the North American market. Canadians are often motivated to open accounts with online betting sites in an insurmountable urge to bet on NHL games. Here is some information about legal online sports betting in Canada if you’re interested.

The basics

Now, let’s get into it. The sports betting platform of your choice will feature terms like puck line, money line, over/under bets, and more. The best providers feature these categories prominently. In a typical game, bettors have lots of options to choose from.

Oddsmakers determine the favorite and the underdog for every game in the season. A positive number next to the team’s name means they are the underdog, i.e., less likely to win. A negative one denotes the favorite. Betting on the underdog will always pay out more, but this bet is also riskier.

Money line

This is a basic bet, where you try to guess who will win the game. The number designating the underdog shows how much you would win if you bet a certain amount. The one designating the favorite shows how much you would need to bet to win that same amount.

Puck line

This bet is where you predict if the total number of goals the favorite will score will exceed the number the underdog scores by at least two. This is a “win by two” bet.

Total score

The ultimate winner is irrelevant to this type of bet, which is where you try to guess how many goals will be scored in total. The term Over/Under means you wager whether the total number of goals scored in the game will be over or under a preset line. With this bet, you don’t need to think about who will win the game, but you still have a stake in the outcome.

Game prop

These bets involve whether the game will go into overtime, who will score a higher number of goals in the first period, or which team will score the first goal. There are lots of options for game props depending on where you place your bet.

Player prop

People bet on statistics like a specific player’s shots on goal, points, assists, over/under, and more.

Grand Salami

Fans of hockey love the Grand Salami because they have a stake in every single game. This is a bet on the total over/under goals scored throughout an entire day of games. The amount you stand to win will differ based on who the goalie is, which teams are playing, and several other factors.

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