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The Calgary Flames Practice Playlist

One of the major issues with the Flames during their prolonged struggles through November was it felt like they were gripping their sticks too tight and not enjoying the game. With the introduction of Geoff Ward as the interim head coach, his practice style has been a lot more fun-oriented. Most recently, he got the team to partake in soccer handball on ice.

As a result, the team looks looser, more fluid, and generally like they are enjoying what they are doing. The soccer handball was a surprise for many, but even before seeing the Flames play the second-best sport on ice, Ward had other ideas of keeping spirits high and the atmosphere stress-free.

For those that have kept a keen eye (or ear) on the Flames’ practices, the audio system in the Saddledome has been put to use much more frequently. Ward introduced a musical component to practice—much to the delight of the players and the fans.

Players have rotated for control of the aux cord and practices are now often accompanied with some tunes. We’ve made the argument that the chosen songs could use some work, and our very own Nathan Ross (@Hanoten) made a much better curated playlist for the Flames, fine-tuned for each and every player. You can check that out below and see which songs you agree or disagree with!

The ultimate Calgary Flames practice playlist

Objectively (seriously, we are very objective and unbiased), our playlist is much better than what we’ve heard from the Flames’ players. That being said, seeing the Flames enjoy practices and showing overall improvements on the ice is music to our ears.

To share the joy that the Flames players have bestowed onto us, we have combined all of the practice songs into a playlist on Spotify and Google Play Music for your listening pleasure. A big thank you to Pat Steinberg (@Fan960Steinberg) and Kristen Anderson (@KdotAnderson) for keeping an ear on the Flames’ practices and tweeting out the songs.

You can check out the playlists on Spotify and Google Play Music.

We’ll keep updating the playlists as long as the trend continues. In the mean time, find your inner Dancing Queen and jam out with the Flames.

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