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Betano Ontario Review 2023: Sportsbook, Casino & App

Betano Ontario Review: Let’s have a look at their sportsbook

With so many sportsbooks and gambling companies looking to set up shop in Ontario, companies like Betano have been able to get ahead of those still in the process of setting up their services. In April 2022, when the laws changed in the Province, Betano was one of the first companies to provide a range of diverse sports you can bet on.

Our Betano Ontario review examined every sport available, and the range of markets within basketball and hockey was particularly deep and varied. Alongside other big names like BetRivers and DraftKings, Betano Ontario holds its own and has dozens of different sports betting markets to select from.

Sports betting has become a multi-billion dollar industry in countries that have had laws in place for decades, such as the United Kingdom. Although it is a new industry in Canada, Betano Ontario is one of many betting companies hoping to tap into the growing market and provide a safe and extensive betting experience for bettors visiting their site and mobile app.

Betano Sportsbook Review: Applicable Odds & Limits

Some bettors prefer having odds presented in fractional form, while others prefer decimal form. The most popular American betting odds format is Moneyline, which uses multiples of 100 to distinguish how much money you would get back from placing a $100 bet. It is a popular way of presenting odds in Canada too, but on both the Betano app and site, you can switch between different odds and settle on your most preferred option. You can peruse through a number of sports markets, bet in-play, cash out, and bet on outright tournaments that span weeks or months at a time, so there is a solid range at Betano Ontario.

You can also request a bet through their social media service and explore other derivative markets such as under/over points betting, 1×2 bets, and accumulator betting, where you can combine several different sporting events. If you place an accumulator bet, your bet slip is limited to seven options.

Additional Betting Features At Betano Ontario

Given that the Canadian sports betting market is becoming more saturated with companies looking to get their slice of the action, Betano has already managed to carve off a piece of this market. However, they have managed to stay ahead of the competition by developing new innovations and implementing new betting features.

Our Betano Ontario review brought up a handful of things that really help sell the service and stand out from their competitors, in our view. For instance, the request-a-bet option is extensive. While other companies can often decline these requests, Betano Ontario seems to do much more to accommodate these specialist markets. This wasn’t just through our experience when we conducted our Betano Ontario review, but it is something that several people have mentioned in their online reviews on social media.

In addition, each betting market has much more information about the teams involved, form, and a general overview of the sporting event you’re looking to bet on. New markets like e-sports are developing a solid base. Betano Ontario has a better range and diverse outright and tournament markets in this sector than many of its competitors.

Betano Ontario Review Of In-Play Betting & Live Streaming

Live streaming and in-play betting have become a key battleground for sportsbooks looking to muscle in on established markets. Bet365 is a specialist sportsbook and is the biggest in the world. They have run a successful international gambling corporation out of the UK for over 20 years. Their focus and commitment to live streaming and in-play betting are a significant driving force behind their success. Not only does in-play betting offer a range of new markets that were unavailable before the internet, but the opportunity to live stream sporting events like horse racing and football enables them to stand out from the rest of their UK competition.

It is this blueprint that Betano Ontario has followed well. While there are different regulations in place when it comes to streaming certain sporting events on the app and desktop, again, there are a lot of individual sporting events that you can watch unfold on their app. It’s not so much about the sports available to live stream, but the smoothness of the app, whether it lags, and whether the in-play and cash out options keep up to date with the instant speed of the sport. We only placed a handful of wagers to get a general scope of this service while conducting our Betano review, but there was nothing to suggest that the app has any problems, nor do the cash out and live streaming options.

Cashout Options

Cashing out of your bet on the Betano Ontario desktop or app is simple. Once you have made your selection and you’re following your wager as it happens live, the cashout option will mirror the action accordingly. Every sportsbook will automatically cash out your bet if the team goes ahead by a certain margin. In soccer, it is two goals. In hockey, it is three goals, and this is a handy feature that has appealed to bettors all over Ontario, allowing Betano to grow their service.

Betano Ontario’s Mobile App

Mobile betting is taking over the sportsbook and casino landscape. Our Betano review won’t be complete without our take on their mobile app. The color scheme and design of the Betano app are easy on the eye, and the best feature for us is that the cashout options and streaming service are of excellent quality. Some mobile apps will freeze, have poor cashout choices, or suspend betting constantly without keeping up to date with the action. Although we only used the Betano app on iOS, we tried it on iPad and a smartphone with no issues. The usability and aesthetic of the mobile app are something that crops up in many online comments and reviews about the sportsbook.

Other Products At Betano Ontario

If you want to play poker games, blackjack, or slots, our Betano Ontario review covered all of the casino games on display, and we were quietly impressed by what was on display. Although the purpose of our visit was to conduct a Betano sportsbook review, the number of people checking out their online casino continues to grow, and the live casino tables are also of decent quality.


If My Sports Bet Wins, Is It Easy To Receive My Betano Withdrawal?

Once your information and identity are verified, your withdrawal should be with you within five days, but it is usually much quicker. You can deposit with Apple Pay, VISA, and other credit cards free of charge, but there’s a minimum deposit of $10.

Is Betano Ontario Legal & Licensed?

Yes, Canadian gamblers based in Ontario benefit from some of the most up-to-date laws anywhere in the world. Legislators have meticulously pieced together lucid but firm laws to ensure the industry is adequately regulated and there are no rogue operators within the space.

Once your information and identity are verified, your withdrawal should be with you within five days, but it is usually much quicker. You can deposit with Apple Pay, VISA, and other credit cards free of charge, but there’s a minimum deposit of $10.

Is The Current Betano Ontario Registration Code For Advertising Purposes Only?

Yes, the purpose of the registration code is to for marketing purposes only and it does not, in any way, provide an advantage to the person who signs up with it.

Can I Place Sports Bets On The Betano App?

Given the industry’s competitive nature, if you couldn’t place a sports bet on the app, then Betano would struggle to get their business off the ground. In fact, one of the main reasons they’re flourishing is because of the app’s quality – so yes, you’ll have no issue.

Can I Set Up Limits?

Yes, responsible gambling is crucial, and one way to gamble safely is by setting up deposit and time limits. So long as you stay within these limits and only spend money you can afford to lose, you can explore several markets at Betano and see everything they have to offer.

Betano Ontario Review: Our Final Thoughts

The request-a-bet, alternate niche markets like eSports, and the selection of current markets, especially hockey, are the major things that stood out to us during our Betano review. However, although they’re strong points of the overall site, they’re not particularly innovative, and you can find other providers who also have a lot to offer in these areas.

Again, the sportsbook selection is fine, but it’s less extensive than some of the competition. However, the site is slick and easy to use, and the mobile app was particularly easy to navigate as well. Overall, we’d give Betano Ontario a 3.5/5.

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