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Fantasy sports in the real world

If you’re a diehard sports fan or have been engaging with sports betting in Canada lately, you’ve probably noticed the rise of fantasy sports. Fantasy sports, as the name gives it away, aren’t real sports. Here, competitions are played in a matter of hours, based on real events and real results.

There are trades, dropping and selling of players and the better the players you have are playing the more fantasy points you will get. The more points you have the better you will be doing in your main goal, which is to win the league. 

Fantasy sports today

Fantasy sports today are closely associated with the online betting world. There are plenty of online betting sites offering fantasy sports events around the clock. So, there’s always an option available.

It’s also a very engaging option because it allows you to create your own team to join the competition. Fantasy sports have left the fringes of the online betting market for good. According to Business Wire, fantasy soccer alone reached a market size of 1.4 billion USD last year and as you can imagine fantasy hockey is huge in Canada.

Fantasy sports vs Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

There’s virtually no distinction between fantasy sports and DFS, except for the timeframe in which the competitions occur; the gameplay is the same. While the first option requires bettors to choose players for the whole actual season, DFS bettors need to pick their players for a few days only.

In any case, both types are based on players’ real-life stats, which are constantly updated. This kind of betting is permitted in many countries with the argument it’s not gambling, or in other words, it’s a skill-based game.

How to bet on fantasy sports

If you want to start betting on this kind of event, you’ll need to brush up your betting knowledge a little, as it isn’t like regular sports betting. Instead of betting on the outcome of an event, you create your own team and fight for first place.

You need to find a contest to join, there are contests always happening, so they are not hard to find. They are mostly based on real-life events, such as a single game or a set of games. There’s a salary cap for drafting your team. For instance, you may have a total budget of $40,000 to pick your team, and you must choose your players according to their salaries. Once you’ve drafted your lineup, you’re ready to join the competition.

Luck and skill 

Due to the game’s research and updated stats, daily fantasy sports are considered games of skill. However, in the real world, the favourites can underperform and the underdogs can surprise. So, there’s still luck involved.

Anyway, knowledge is power while creating your team, so it is advantageous to do the research to make the best team possible. There are countless websites dedicated to players’ statistics for all sports you can imagine. It’s advisable to check up on players, their stats and injury history, before you pick them for your squad. Bet responsibly, draft your team and have fun!

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