Looking back through funny historic ice hockey moments

Ice hockey has been around for over a century, and throughout its long and storied history, many moments have left fans rolling in their seats. From bloopers and mishaps on the ice to comical off-ice incidents involving players and coaches, these funny historic ice hockey moments are a testament to the game’s enduring popularity and entertainment value. 

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Some Funny Ice Hockey Moments To Reflect On 

One of ice hockey’s most famous funny moments occurred during the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union. In the eighth and final game of the series, with the score tied at 5–5, Canadian player Paul Henderson took a shot on a goal that Soviet goalie Vladislav Tretiak deflected. However, Tretiak mishandled the puck, and it ended up in the back of the net, giving Canada a 6–5 lead and the victory in the series. Tretiak, who was widely considered one of the best goalies in the world at the time, was replaced by his coach after the mistake and never played in the Olympics again.

A classic moment occurred during a game between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers in 1979. During a scuffle, Bruins player Stan Jonathan grabbed Rangers player Pierre Bouchard’s stick and broke it over his knee, leading to a roar of laughter from the crowd. Jonathan then skated over to the penalty box and tried to hand the broken stick to the penalty box attendant, who hilariously refused to take it.

Another hilarious moment in ice hockey history took place during a game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers in 1979. With the Red Wings leading 3–1 late in the third period, Flyers forward Frank Bathe got into a fight with Detroit’s Dennis Polonich. As the two players grappled on the ice, they inadvertently knocked over one of the goal judges, who was sitting behind the net. The judge fell onto the ice, and in the confusion that followed, Detroit scored another goal to seal the victory.

In 1993, during a game between the Detroit Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues, Red Wings player Nicklas Lidstrom accidentally scored on his team. The moment was funny because the goal was so bizarre and unexpected that even the Blues players didn’t know how to react. They stood there, staring in disbelief, while Lidstrom skated back to his bench, looking embarrassed.

Off the ice, there have been plenty of funny moments involving hockey players and coaches as well. One of the most famous occurred during a press conference in 1987, when then-New York Rangers coach John Tortorella got into a heated argument with a reporter. After the reporter asked a question that Tortorella didn’t like, the coach threw a water bottle at him and stormed out of the room.

Another memorable off-ice moment came in 1994 when Vancouver Canucks forward Pavel Bure was asked to participate in a charity event that involved walking over hot coals. Despite his reservations, Bure agreed to take part, but when he reached the end of the walkway, he stumbled and fell into the coals, burning his feet in the process.

Off-the-Pitch Moments 

Of course, no list of funny ice hockey moments would be complete without mentioning the legendary “Hanson Brothers” from the movie “Slap Shot.” In the film, the Hanson Brothers were a trio of brawling, bespectacled goons who became fan favorites for their outrageous antics on the ice. From their thick-rimmed glasses to their shaggy haircuts, the Hanson Brothers were a hilarious parody of the tough guy image prevalent in ice hockey then.

Of course, these are just a few of the many funny moments that have occurred throughout ice hockey’s long and storied history. Whether on the ice or off, these incidents serve as a reminder of the game’s enduring appeal and ability to entertain fans around the world.

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