The most famous and big sponsors of hockey games

A hockey game would only be complete with the players dueling it out on the ice and their biggest supporters cheering from the individual team’s respective bleachers. If you have ever watched a professional match, you know that behind the action on the arena is an array of famous and big-name sponsors funding it. From luxury car brands and beverage companies to new Canadian casinos, these major businesses use the popularity of pro hockey tournaments. They use it as an opportunity to advertise their products or services. Here we prepared top sponsors who ensure that each thrilling game is taken to its fullest potential.

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Online casinos

The dominant industry here is gambling. Online casinos have become popular sponsors of Hockey games in recent years, with Kahnawake casinos from PlaySafeCasino’s list and its services leading the charge. Known for offering exciting online gaming experiences and competitive odds on more than 1000 unique slots. They have increased their presence across all major hockey leagues.

Online casinos offer generous bonuses to those who join their slot games. They provide a secure environment as well. It keeps the money safe while providing players with unprecedented entertainment and rewards. Moreover, online casinos sponsor hockey games to be associated with this sport. It is to pay back to the community that loves both these kinds of entertainment so much. Casinos aim to grow even more in popularity by continuing to support hockey games. In this way, they benefit both sports fans and sponsors alike.

Luxury car brands that sponsor hockey games

Luxury car brands have taken a step into the world of sponsorships by becoming huge supporters of hockey games. This sport requires both physical and technical prowess, and car brands recognize this. Lots of luxury auto companies engage with ice hockey players. Some invest millions to be the title sponsor for a professional team or league, while other brands provide financial support for events, giveaways, and uniforms.

They use broadcast television campaigns to promote their sponsorship of hockey games. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, and Audi acknowledge the importance of being socially responsible. So, they support various athletic events, including ice hockey games. With luxury car brands investing in the success of teams across the UK, fans can look forward to exciting new initiatives from these brands during major tournaments in the future.

Beverage companies that sponsor hockey games

Beverage companies have long been significant sponsors of hockey games. Some largest and most recognizable brands have made their presence felt for years. Coca-Cola has sponsored the NHL since the late 90s. It has secured exclusive pour rights and promotional privileges. Pepsi is another giant in the soft drink market. It is currently an official sponsor of NHL Enterprises LLC (the business side of the league) and junior league CHL.

Before announcing its exit, Budweiser had long been one of the most iconic sponsors of hockey. With those titans come some lesser-known players in this competitive space. Red Bull, Gatorade, Molson Canadian Beer, Miller Lite, Molson Canadian Beverage Company, Labatt Beverage Company, and even Wingstop Restaurant Inc are all offering their support to reputable hockey teams across Canada and beyond.

Ice hockey players skates
Ice hockey players skates by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0


Banks are some of the most famous and big sponsors of hockey games. Their sponsorship ranges from being featured on a player’s jersey or ice skate to exclusive access inside the locker room. Banks can reach many consumers while demonstrating their commitment to their local community’s culture and pastimes. They are among the leaders in connecting people through powerful sports experiences. It can help bring communities closer and stronger than before.

Examples include Scotiabank, TD Bank, RBC, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Discover.


Samsung is among the most recognizable names for sponsoring hockey matches and competitions. It is part of many NHL teams’ sponsorship packages worldwide. From placing their brand name on players’ jerseys to their presence in the arena and at events leading up to and during the match. Samsung is often a major sponsor at more significant hockey competitions like the Stanley Cup Finals.

Samsung’s name is seen everywhere, from video ads before and during games’ broadcasts. It has been featured on LED boards throughout arenas and sporting venues. Samsung has also brought virtual reality experiences to hockey fans with 2015’s NHL Samsung GameTime VR event. Samsung continues to bring innovation through technology to the sport. It gives fans access to never-before-seen experiences.


Hockey is a sport that has become popular over the last few years. It has come to an influx of new sponsors looking to capitalize on its global appeal. From new Canadian casinos to luxury car brands, beverage companies, and banks, many big-name are investing in hockey.  It is to bring a new level of excitement to each game.

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