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Flames Fit Check: December 2022 pregame outfit rankings

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, throughout the season you’ll be seeing my top five pregame fits and an unfashionable mention that turned some heads for the wrong reasons.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top Fits of December.

1. Nikita Zadorov

At this point, who else even competes for the #1 spot in this ranking. Nikita Zadorov truly could be all five spots each month, but we have to spread the love around somewhat. This ensemble pops to say the least. What looks like a satin jacket and pants combo punches you in the face with a deep purple. Knitted purple tie pulls together the simple white shirt with the rest of the suit. A man that’s hard to miss on the ice, or in the tunnel on the way to the room.

Special shoutout to the watch, can’t quite make out the brand but I’m sure it’s expensive with a capital E. Maybe Treliving could pawn it to Bettman for more cap room next year.

Also, is this how other people wear airpods? I always thought they were supposed to point down? Maybe Zadorov has weird ears, or I do.

2. Mikael Backlund, Rasmus Andersson

Oh how Swede it is. Another home run from the Swedish countrymen. A burnt red/orange colour for the suits keeps the fits very Flamesesque for Rasmus Andersson. Mikael Backlund plays the red down with a soft blue shirt, making the navy jacket a nice complimentary finish to the outfit. Andersson meanwhile went with a more timid white shirt and the double-breasted patterned suit—professional but fun. Made this a close second to Zadorov’s purple people eater look.

My favourite attribute from the duo is the no-tie look. Says: “I like to party” with a hint of “the blockchain is really going to bounce back, I just reinvested in Doge Coin.”

3. Milan Lucic

To say Milan Lucic has had the most up and down month of his professional career wouldn’t be an understatement. Playing poorly, healthy scratched for the first time in nine years, and finally returning to combine for four points and eight hits in his last four games back in the lineup.

Putting that all aside, the big man bundled up in a simple all black suit and tie, and finished it off with this beautiful fur-lined, nubuck jacket. Not a common colour combo you see on the runway but I can’t help but think it has a slight cowboy feel, minus the furry collar of course. Maybe the jacket was a part of his return—the added weight of half a cow and 14 muskrats would likely act as a weighted vest in Darryl Sutter’s eyes. Conditioning is key, after all.

A return to the lineup and a return to the top five. Finally starting to play how he looks: mean, yet productive.

4. Nikita Zadorov

Once again, Zadorov crushed this one. The checkered brown is very professional and that vest makes the whole fit. The black tie is simple and allows for the eye to latch onto the lines within the suit pattern. Great execution worthy of a chef’s kiss.

Bettman’s future watch made another appearance here, the best combo we’ve seen the wrist candy with yet.

5. Dillon Dube

Dube makes his fit check debut from the teams eastern road trip earlier this month. This is a really simple but well executed look from the soft spoken winger. 29 shades of grey for #29. A classy look that doesn’t need much explanation.

The only thing that breaks the monotone colour scheme is Dube’s brownish/red tinge in his beard. Can we seriously try and get this guy a razor sponsorship? This pictures from the hotel in Toronto and only had a 5 o’clock shadow when they left Columbus the night before. Dillon Dube doesn’t grow facial hair, his facial hair grows a person.

All jokes aside, a clean look and a special shoutout to whatever the heck you call that button on his pants circa 1920. Also, notice how Dillon chose the modern short leg to compliment the vintage style pants. Unlike some of his teammates, Dube appreciates a warm ankle as his socks made the trip out east. Maybe next month we see a similar short leg/sock combo with a warm hand knitted pair of beard socks?

Unfashionable Mention – Chris Tanev

Remember last month when I said Chris was tough when he walked into a game with a finger splint on? Well, add a one-timer to the back of the head to the list of things Chris Tanev couldn’t care less about. Seriously a scary scene against Vancouver that kept Chris down on the ice for minutes but only out of the lineup for two games. The guy just keeps going.

Chris may have only hit the IR as “day-to-day” but this fit belongs on LTIR.

There is so much going on here I don’t know where to begin. We’ve got patterned jacket, patterned shirt, greenish grey pants half tucked into some sort of floppy tongued boot. Speaking of floppy tongues, are those dogs on his tie? Reindeer? All I know is he probably could’ve gone with a solid colour at least once in this fit.

The man standing by Zadorov seems to share the same feelings as Chris’ muffin, confused as to where they’re travelling and wondering what this guy does for a living. My guess is the muffin and orange glasses guy think they’re going to the Westminster dog show and Chris is a world renowned Boston Terrier breeder.

You know you’re looking really good, or really bad when you catch eyes next to the Russian Fit champion. Mr. Orange glasses is thinking the latter I’d assume.

Not the worst we’ve seen (sorry, Markstrom) but far from the best. I hate to give Chris back-to-back months as the Unfashionable Mention champion after his play on the ice. That being said, we aren’t talking Corsi for percentage or blocked shots people, we’re talking thread count.

Stay tuned next month for another handful of seriously unserious fashion takes and don’t miss our Fit Check of the year coming out next week!

All photos from @NHLflames.

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