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The 10 greatest college hockey teams of all time

Many hockey teams are an example to follow. Some are good in defence, while others play attacking hockey. But ten teams are legendary: they completely changed the usual hockey. So here are ten legends that are worth your attention.

1. 1978–79 Minnesota (32–11–1)

The 1978–79 Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey team is known to most hockey fans. The team included All-American defenceman Bill Baker and future inaugural Hobey Baker Award winner Neal Broten. By the way, all the athletes were from Minnesota, which is quite symbolic. From 1978–79 no team could compete with them. That is why the athletes were able to win their third national title by beating rival North Dakota (4–3). The main success of this college team was the well-coordinated team play and each athlete’s high level of sports skills.

2. 2008–09 Boston University (35–6–4)

The Boston University Terriers dominated college hockey in the 2008–09 season. Their coach, Jack Parker, said he had never seen such a desire to win and dedication of athletes before. The fact is that the 2009 BU Terriers pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in college hockey history to win the national title. They were fighting for every inch of the ice arena. Luckily, their will to win and incredible skill helped them take the lead in overtime with ten seconds left in the match.

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3. 1989–90 Wisconsin (36–9–1)

The 1989–90 Wisconsin Badgers were unstoppable, thanks to college legends like Chris Tancill, Gary Shuchuk, Duane Derksen, Gary Shuchuk, and John Byce. These guys decimated their opponents by breaking into the final with Colgate’s 7–3 rout. Such a show cannot be called anything other than an ice battle that left no chance for opponents.

4. 1990–91 Northern Michigan (38–5–4)

The Northern Michigan Wildcats, which finished with an incredible 38-win season, is the embodiment of a miracle! The fact is that this little-known team created a splash in 1990–91. WildCcats demonstrated amazing statistics during the season and defeated Boston University Terriers, which spent the season with future NHL legends like Shawn McEachern, Keith Tkachuk, and Tony Amonte!

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5. 1984–85 Rensselaer (35–2–1)

Rensselaer Polytechnic University is a private institution that became a trendsetter in 1984–85. The fact is that the famous athlete, Adam Oates, helped the local hockey team to defeat many eminent opponents. He brought RPI to an amazing 30-win unbeaten streak. Thanks to the victory over Providence, RPI became a strong team that began to be afraid of college tournaments.

6. 1960–61 Denver (30–1–1)

Denver was one of the strongest hockey teams of the early 60s. These guys destroyed everything in their way before becoming champions. Moreover, Denver completely demolished St. Lawrence (12–2–2) in the National Championship Game in front of a hometown crowd in Denver. This game was an indicator of how irresistible Denver’s athletes were.

7. 1948–49 Boston College (21–1)

BC showed what hockey was like in the late 40s! This team defeated the strongest opponents as if all the matches were sparring. BC athletes have dominated every game since the opening seconds of the match, thanks to John “Snooks” Kelley and his unique coaching approach.

8. 1986–87 North Dakota (40–8)

North Dakota has won seven national titles, which is a good record at the college level. At the same time, you should be aware of the team that became legendary in 1986–87. Thanks to head coach John “Gino” Gasparini and great athletes. The team set a record at the time for most wins in a season (40). In addition, no one could theoretically stop this team on its way to the championship.

9. 1992–93 Maine (42–1–2)

Forty-two wins is an impressive record that helped the 1992–93 Maine hockey team become champions. In many ways, this success is obvious, considering that Paul Kariya, the team leader, was unstoppable in every match. In addition, the team had two of the best goalkeepers of all time. Garth Snow and Mike Dunham could even stop time!

10. 1969–70 Cornell (29–0)

Cornell has become one of the few teams that did not lose their matches in the 1969–70 season. These guys crushed all rivals thanks to the will to win and Ned Harkness. This great coach gave them an excellent strategy that worked well with all opponents in 1970.


The above teams are considered college hockey legends and are worthy of imitation. All of them fought for the right to become champions and perfectly coped with the mission assigned to them. Some victories seemed obvious. But history shows that even beginners can change the course of the game! It is all these teams that are legendary.

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