Essay on Hockey: 10 Tips to Write a Top-Notch Paper

Many university and college students tend to dread essay writing. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise because assignments are quite daunting and challenging. Writing a research paper usually entails a lot of time, research, effort, and concentration. It is particularly tough when you have to juggle work and studies. What is more, academic assignments require you to subdivide the project into several logical steps that convert the process of writing into an enjoyable and manageable routine.

And what’s next? You may think that it’s time to sit down and write, but that’s like setting off on a road trip without a map. Organizing helps you think about what you want to write. It ensures that you cover all your points comprehensively and meticulously.

There is a big difference between an okay term paper and a great paper or an A+ work. As such, students must ensure that they have the right skills and resources to write an excellent paper worthy of high grades.

So, what should you do if you want to start writing like a pro? Of course, students can always turn to custom writing services for help and get high grades for their essays with ease. However, there is also something you can do for yourself to ensure you submit excellent research papers.

How to Write a Stellar Hockey Essay

Below is a list of 10 tips that can help you write a top-notch paper based on an example of a hockey essay.

Tip 1. Select the Right Topic

The topic is what makes or breaks a research paper. Choose poorly, and you will be stuck with an assignment that is difficult to write and unlikely to earn good grades. You should select topics that you are personally interested in and know a lot about in addition to what you have learned in class. For instance, when asked to write about any sport, I would choose an essay on hockey because it is my favourite team sport and because it is an ancient and respectable game. Apart from being my favourite sport, I know about its history, rules of play, and how to play it. Thus, selecting interesting topics and those you know about gives you a solid foundation to start writing a top-notch paper.

Tip 2. Check All Guidelines

You should take the time to clarify and understand all the requirements of your academic paper. Doing so ensures that you follow the instructions to the latter and meet the predefined expectations. Well, sometimes, other instructions can be ambiguous, vague, or confusing. That is why you should check up with your professor or teacher to clarify all the uncertainties. You can also use the opportunity to ask for a piece of advice to get you started and maximize your output.

Tip 3. Prepare a Plan/Outline

Many students believe that an essay, a relatively short writing assignment, does not need planning and does not benefit from it. They think they can spend the time writing the essay itself. Nonetheless, most professional writers agree that every minute spent preparing a plan or outline saves at least five minutes later. In the Hockey essay, an outline provides a roadmap that guides the direction of the writing process. It helps organize the points to be discussed in the entire paper, eliminating the likelihood of forgetting something and enhancing the overall structure of the paper. A good outline contains the following points:

  • Writing and post-writing stages. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Short descriptions. This entails the components of each section.
  • Realistic deadlines. Set realistic time frames of how much time to spend on each section.
  • Writing tools. Identify all the working tools needed to complete the paper, such as class materials, textbooks, etc.

Tip 4. Deep Research

The more sources you explore when preparing your essay, the better. You do not have to refer to all of them in your writing—it is also okay to read or at least skim through them. Each article you study or review in preparing the essay deepens your understanding of the subject matter and gives you additional perspectives. The longer the list of sources you can plumb for information, the more well-informed the essay will turn out. Writing about hockey necessitates reading widely about its history, subtypes, rules of play, history, and even equipment.

Tip 5. Drafting

After thorough research, get down to writing the paper. Focus on the research question paper throughout the exercise. Do not diverge from the hypothesis. Everything should build towards reinforcing your key argument.

Tip 6. Sharp Focus

Writing a top-notch paper requires you to clearly define the central idea. Essentially, the reader should not have to scan through it several times to understand the key message or argument. Just like the entire essay should have a primary idea expressed in a thesis statement, each paragraph must have a recognizable main point represented in a topic sentence.

Tip 7. Use the Help of Writing Services

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Tip 8. Steady Development of Ideas

Every paragraph and sentence of your essay should support or further expand the main idea expressed in the thesis statement. In other words, the essay should have a logical structure: individual paragraphs support the primary idea, while topical ideas of paragraphs have supporting evidence, examples, descriptions, and references.

Tip 9. Check, Edit, and Proofread

After you have finished writing your paper, do not be in a hurry to submit it. Spare some time to check, edit, and then proofread. You will be surprised how many mistakes or errors have evaded your attention. To make the paper top-notch and persuasive, you can slowly proofread your work, ask another person to read it through or hire an online paper writing service to assist you with this task.

Tip 10. Watch Your Language and Style

To craft a brilliant essay, students must carefully watch their language, word choice, tone of voice, and other literary techniques. You can quickly correct and ensure the correct language and style while proofreading and editing your work. Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Avoid personal pronouns
  • Use active voice
  • Don’t use cliches
  • Keep everything concise and clear
  • Avoid junk words and fillers
  • Avoid too long sentences
  • Make logical transitions between paragraphs

Wrapping Up

Now, I am not asking you to make your essay about the brain activity of dolphins into a Shakespearian sonnet. As remarkable as that would be, it is not only contextually inappropriate but also unnecessary. The shared tips here will help you write top-notch papers and get good grades. Getting organized is critical when writing a research paper. Start by reading to understand the instructions carefully and developing an outline for the essay, and finish with editing and proofreading your work.

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