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Exploring new names and jerseys for the Stockton Heat in Calgary

Earlier this week it was announced that the Stockton Heat will be relocating to Calgary for the 2022–23 AHL season. Aside from knowing that the Calgary Flames’ AHL team will be joining the main club in the same city next year, we don’t really know much else about what things will look like for the AHL team. It’s been speculated that the team will be joining the Flames in the Saddledome, but even that isn’t for certain yet.

One thing a lot of fans have been curious about that’s still up in the air is what this newly relocated team will be called and what it might look like. Today, we are here to hopefully help you visualize a couple of possibilities.

So without further ado, here are three concepts I came up with as possible new identities for the soon to be Calgary AHL team.

The Calgary Heat

The most obvious choice would be for the team to keep the Heat as their name as it’s been popular among fans, and works with overall theme of the franchise. It also comes with some history attached as it’s been the the name of the team twice both in Stockton from 2015 until present, and also from 2009 to 2014 in Abbotsford.

Calgary Heat Jersey Designs

Above I’ve drafted up a possible jersey set for the “Calgary Heat” taking inspiration from the Flames jerseys of the 2010s, as well as the current jerseys in Stockton. But instead of keeping the black that’s currently a huge part of Stocktons jerseys, I went with the retro colours the Flames are now using to bring back some uniformity to the franchise.

The Calgary Cowboys

Another thing thats been rumoured is that there is a chance that CSEC will use this opportunity to bring back a defunct team name from Calgary hockey history. If that’s the case, I would personally prefer that the team go with the Cowboys name that was once held by the Calgary Cowboys who played in the World Hockey Association. I would choose to redesign the logo though as I feel like the original logo might be a bit phallic…

WHA Calgary Cowboys Primary Logo

Instead I took an unused concept logo from 2013 and used that as the basis for my Calgary Cowboys design.

Calgary Cowboys Jersey Designs:

I chose to ditch the yellow with these concepts, as the original Calgary Cowboys just used red and white on their jerseys. If CSEC chooses to call the team the Cowboys they’ll be paying huge tribute to retro hockey, so I tried to pay tribute to that with a fairly simple yet classic jersey design.

BONUS: The Calgary Rings

If there’s one thing that Calgarians can agree upon, it’s that the Giant Blue Ring is, well, a thing that’s in Calgary.

They could also keep the Ring of Fire as the end of game win song if this was the team name so that’s a definite plus. That’s really all I have to say about this design.

Calgary Rings Jersey Designs:

Above is my concept for what the “Calgary Rings” could look like. It’s a ring, inside a ring. And there’s an homage to the Stockton Heat with the flaming “S” as well.

What do you think the Calgary AHL Team should be called?

These are just some ideas and suggestions I put together—the first two much more likely that the last—but I’m sure as hockey fans many of you have dreamed of what you would name a professional hockey team. So if you have a preferred name in my mind for the Calgary AHL Team make sure to leave them in the comments or over on social media.

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