NHL Fantasy: Week 25 streaming options for fantasy playoffs

Playoffs are well underway for fantasy hockey, and some leagues may even be entering the finals next week. Naturally, this makes this week the most important time to bolster your team to secure a victory. There are many options this week, so let’s dive in.

Victor Olofsson – LW, RW – Buffalo Sabres

Victor Olofsson has been having quiet the past two weeks. Since March 25, Olofsson has recorded seven goals, three assists, and 19 shots in nine games. That type of point per game production can be incredibly valuable as on the waiver wire, especially if Olofsson is serving as one of your depth pieces for the playoffs.

It’s no secret that the Sabres haven’t had a stellar year, and Olofsson has had a pretty mediocre year for himself, however he seems to be picking up his production at just the right time for fantasy owners. At 12% owned, Olofsson should be quite the pickup.

Cody Ceci – D – Edmonton Oilers

I honestly can’t believe that I am suggesting adding Cody Ceci to your fantasy hockey team, but the numbers are too good to ignore. Over the last month Ceci has put up one goal and eight assists through 14 games played, however a lot of the value is through his peripherals where he has generated 23 hits and 39 blocks. Those are some pretty well rounded numbers available on the waiver wire and this is the exact type of production that is needed to secure a win during fantasy playoffs.

Ceci is on the ice for 20+ minutes a night more often than not, which gives him lots of opportunities to continue this production, especially with Edmonton having four games to play during Week 25. He is only 10% owned, so if you are willing to bet on his production continuing, he will very likely be available on the waiver wire in your league.

Trevor Moore – LW, RW – Los Angeles Kings

Trevor Moore would be a great add especially if you are looking to increase your SOG for the week. We suggested to add him to your roster previously, and he is still widely available today. Over the last 15 games played, Moore has averaged 3.8 SOG per game which is 57 SOG total. Additionally, Moore has produced four goals and six assists in 15 games played, and has put up a very impressive four shorthanded points.

Skating on the second line and power play unit, Moore does have the talent around him to continue this production going into Week 25, and he is only 11% owned. For a player who has really been putting up solid numbers since January 1, Moore should be listed on many more teams rosters than he is right now.

Jani Hakanpaa – D – Dallas Stars

Jani Hakanpaa isn’t going to get you the points, which I think is widely known, however he will definitely provide you great statistics when it comes to hits. Over his past 13 games, Hakanpaa has produced 52 hits, giving him an average of four hits per game.

Points are important to win in fantasy, but being a well rounded team is the key to being a real threat to take home your fantasy hockey trophy. With Dallas having four games next week, along with Hakanpaa being 9% owned, this is a very low-risk add to your team.

Mike Smith – G – Edmonton Oilers

Two very controversial Oilers in the same fantasy post? I know, I know. But, again, his numbers are too good to ignore. For some reason Edmonton has always loved to start Mike Smith, and right now it is really paying off for them. Over his last eight games, he has generated a .923 save percentage, six wins, and 2.50 GAA. Those are really good numbers.

Smith is 43% rostered, and his ownership went up 8% this past week alone, so it hopefully isn’t too late to pick him up. However, I do recommend being cautious in which games you start him in. The Oilers have three games next week, and they are against Minnesota, Nashville, and Vegas. If there is one team that I am not comfortable playing him in, it would be Minnesota.

Last chance to strengthen your team

For many, next week is the finals in fantasy hockey. It is extremely important to address as many weak spots on your roster as possible. Strategic adds will be a difference maker and will get you one step closer to taking home the crown. Best of luck to all teams for the upcoming week!

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