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Predicting the Calgary Flames’ 2022–23 Reverse Retro jersey design

The Reverse Retro jersey series is reportedly coming back to the NHL for a second round next fall according to a number of reputable sources. With how much of a success the first reverse retro series was during the 2020–21 season, it’s easy to see why the NHL would want to cash in on some more nostalgia with a second round of jerseys.

With this news now being reported so widely, we here at The Win Column have decided to throw our hat into the ring to try to predict what the Flames might be getting for their reverse retro.

With the black Blasty jersey already being used in the last wave, there aren’t too many options for the Flames to go with considering the organizations fairly limited jersey history. But the main thing that’s been rumoured in Calgary and league-wide circles is that the Flames will go with a throwback to their 90s era “pedestal” jerseys which the team wore from 1995–2000.

It is also rumoured that while the Flames will likely be getting a pedestal themed throwback, this upcoming jersey will also likely pay tribute to the Flames of the 2000s and 2010s with the “Black C” look.

Our Prediction

For our prediction we believe the Flames will combine both the “Black C” and “pedestal” styles to create a tribute to all of the parts of Flames jersey history not currently represented in their first retro jersey set (Blasty excluded).

After the removal of the “black C” from the Flames jersey rotation this season. Many fans have been wondering how the team might could bring it back, and this would be a great way for the team to do just that while still spicing it up in a tasteful way.

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