From the NHL to the real world

A lot of people tend to unfairly look down on sports as a waste of time. The irony of this is that the people who feel that sports lead to ignorance are actually showing a level of ignorance of their own. There are actually a significant number of skills that can transfer from sports into the real world as life skills. One of the best sports to offer an example of this is the NHL. We’ve taken a closer look at how the NHL, and playing ice hockey in general, can help people to advance their skills in their life.

Decision making

The more you watch the NHL, the more information you will learn about the game. Whether this is in terms of the teams and their form or the likelihood of different results taking place. By doing this you can learn to hone your instincts when it comes to making decisions. This can then help in a number of different ways in the real world.

One of the most common is gambling, which ironically also links into NHL as inplay betting is available here. What players have to do when gambling is to make the correct decisions when placing a wager. It doesn’t matter where this is taking place, the essential skills behind gambling remain the same. Stay level headed under pressure and make the right choice depending on the situation. So if you’re playing at a top class online casino, you will utilize many of the same skills as a top level ice hockey player would in the NHL. A popular thing in Canada is online betting sites or casinos that have a fast payout, after all it is your money, and it is only fair that the player can withdraw his/her money as fast as possible. A big factor when withdrawing your money as fast as possible, is the banking method you choose.


Many people get incredibly engrossed when watching ice hockey. This means that they can often miss out on the statistical side of the game. However, in the modern world stats are collected by a number of different platforms. As these are then published it means that everyone has access to these stats.

Analysing the stats is then something that anyone can do. By learning how to do this with hockey, which is likely to be a passion of yours, people can become adept with the analytical side of stats. As it’s enjoyable to watch and analyse hockey, it makes it much easier for people to engage with the stats and learn how to use them.

Becoming adept at using this skill can lead to being a success in regular life. If you’re able to learn how to deal with the stats from an early age then you will be able to use them much more simply if you come across them in later life.

It ensures that people who have a background of enjoying ice hockey won’t have as much trouble dealing with stats if they come across them in later life. This also allows for the decision making skills that have been developed to come into practice without any additional problems.

Staying fit and healthy

This is something that a lot of people ignore. Keeping fit is vital to living life to its fullest. Being unfit can impact your life in a number of different ways. It’s not just the physical aspect that it can affect, it can also have a detrimental impact on your mental health as well. If you’re not as physically fit as you should be, your ability to focus and deal with cognitive problems is diminished.

This is why it’s vital for anyone, not just people who are involved with business, to remain as fit and healthy as possible. If your fitness levels start to drop then it will start to have a negative impact on every other aspect of your life. Watching hockey can often help people get the encouragement to start playing sports themselves.

Emotional management

Dealing with your emotions is a big part of life. If you’re angry or sad or anything else, it can sometimes be difficult to know the correct way to react. Playing and watching sport is a great way to come across these emotions in a less high stakes situation.

For example, if your team loses in a big game you’re likely to be disappointed. Dealing with this disappointment will give you good practice for when you come across it in your day to day life. If you start smashing things up, then you know that you don’t know how to manage your emotions correctly.

Having access to your emotions through sports from a young age will make it much easier for you to learn how to deal with your emotions. Both playing and watching ice hockey will from a young age will help you to develop into a well rounded person in your later life.

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