The Win Column’s NHL 2022 All-Star Fan Vote

The 2022 NHL All-Star Game rosters were released last week by the NHL, and they were met with a lot of scrutiny from fans all over the league. The All-Star team selection rules that were put into place in 2016 have been controversial for some time now, most specifically with their rule that each team must have at least one player represent them during All-Star weekend. It’s not even just the fans that are complaining about this rule too, Nathan MacKinnon who is on this year’s central division team joined the All-Star selection debate himself:

Voting in the entire All-Star roster

Another issue that many have with the All Star game is how little fans control who ends up on each team. In the NBA, the entire starting lineups for their all-star games are determined by a fan vote, this helps to involve fans more in All-Star weekend plus it brings much more buzz to the week as fans spend over a month campaigning on their favourite local stars behalf all over social media.

I think the NHL should take it one step further and let fans vote in entire All-Star teams, so that’s why we are now running our own fan vote.

Your turn to vote!

Below you can vote for your preferred NHL All-Star teams. To simplify the voting process we have included who we consider to be each teams top three forwards, top defenceman, and their top goalie. When you vote you will get the chance to select four forwards, two defenceman, and two goalies in each division.

Voting will close on Saturday, January 29 at 12:00 PM MST, and results will be released soon after! If the embedded form below doesn’t work for you, you can go directly to the form here.

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