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Matthew Tkachuk’s top goals as a Calgary Flame

Matthew Tkachuk is no stranger to scoring highlight reel goals. He impacts the game in so many ways, but sometimes he just decides to pull something incredible out of his back pocket and leave us in awe. Tkachuk is playing his sixth year in Calgary, and we have been absolutely spoiled with how many incredible goals he has given us. Most recently, his goal against the New York Rangers to put the Flames up 6–0 was an all-time beauty, and that inspired the need to look back at all of his goals.

Here’s how I ranked Tkachuk’s top five goals over the course of his career so far.

#5 – Between the legs goal against the San Jose Sharks

I’m going to be honest. I absolutely hate watching the Flames when they are at the SAP Arena in San Jose. It feels like I am in the nosebleeds looking overtop of the ice with a birds eye view. Add in that horrendous goal horn and for me it is just an awful experience. But wow, this goal from Matthew Tkachuk made the experience of watching this game so much better. I remember jumping out of my seat yelling “How does he keep doing this?”

Tkachuk scored in the third period to put the Flames up 5–2 en route to to a 6–2 victory against the Sharks on February 10, 2020 and he did so by making Aaron Dell he was going to skate across the crease only to reverse it and go between the legs to beat Dell above his blocker.

#4 Between-the-legs goal against the New York Islanders

You may start to notice a theme here with these clips. In this goal you could just tell Tkachuk had his mind made up on the shot he was taking. Before he even had the puck, he knew exactly how he would score this goal and how he would embarrass every single Islander on the ice.

The Flames were the visitors against the Islanders on February 26, 2019. They were in the middle of putting up one of the best campaigns in recent Flames memory and the Islanders were a big test for the Flames. It was a first place in the Pacific versus first place in the Metropolitan showdown. Tkachuk got the Flames on the board first, going backwards across the crease after receiving the pass from Lindholm on the power play. Flames went on to win 3–1, final score.

#3 Between-the-legs against the New York Rangers

What a phenomenal night this was. I think I have watched this goal every day since it happened. Imagine being Adam Fox in this scenario. You have been getting booed all night, showboated to the fans before having you goal get called back, you are down 5–0, heard “Fox you suck” chants, and literally seconds after those chants Tkachuk decides to do this. But to receive the puck, start skating backwards, and then go between the legs and go top corner it is just so rude. This is a Canadian Heritage Moment for me.

#2 Late game goal against the Los Angeles Kings

What incredible hand-eye coordination from Tkachuk here. He literally juggles the puck in the air to get control of it, all while making sure it is not a high stick penalty, and then bats it into the net to tie the game with one minute left in regulation. Tkachuk found a way to get onto the highlight reel just three games into the new season on October 8, 2019.

Calgary honestly had no business even being in this game. This insane goal capped off a massive individual effort from Tkachuk for not only dragging the team into overtime, but for doing it in highlight reel fashion as well. The Flames ended up losing 4–3 in overtime, but the standing point earned was easily fully credited to Tkachuk.

#1 Between-the-legs against the Nashville Predators

We all knew this was coming right? This goal from October 31, 2020 was the goal of the year for the 2019–20 season. The game was back and forth all night long in classic Flames versus Predators fashion. Nashville scored a really late goal to tie the game, then Tkachuk answered right for Calgary back to take the game into overtime.

Thought that was enough drama? Tkachuk didn’t think so. Not only does he score a game winning buzzer beater with two seconds left in over time, but he did it via a between-the-legs one-timer. And it wasn’t even a between-the-legs goal from right in front of the net, this is from the hashmarks. How he was able to get enough power on this shot to roof it past Pekka Rinne is something I will never understand.

Bonus Clip

This shot doesn’t convert to a goal but this clip just shows Tkachuk’s creativity. Go to the 30:13 timestamp in the video and watch him try to pull off a lacrosse goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Matthew Tkachuk is a walking highlight reel

How can you not love this player? Lots of people think of Tkachuk as a pest on the ice, and that is partly true. Over his career he’s gone from pest to the best. I really don’t think he gets enough credit for the skill he brings to the team. Tkachuk is arguably the most skilled player on this roster and his ability to score goals like these is proof.

Tkachuk can really do it all out there. If these are the goals he has scored the past six years as a Flame, I can not wait to see what he has in store for us in the future. Get your popcorn out everyone, there is going to be many more goals like these in his career.

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