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Meet the 2021–22 TWC team

Since its founding in 2015, The Win Column has been an active part of the Calgary Flames community. Whether it is analyzing stats, tweeting during games, or providing game day recaps, the TWC loves interacting with other hockey fans.

The dedicated TWC team works to create a variety of Flames and NHL content on a daily basis. While many posts are data-driven, our team aims to explore a wide variety of topics surrounding the NHL from new and interesting perspectives. There is something for every Flames fan in the TWC blog. Whether you are passionate about NHL Fantasy leagues, Calgary Flames prospects, or just enjoy interacting with other fans, TWC has you covered this season.

Check out some of our recurring blog posts below:

Flames Sunday Census – Join other Flames fans by responding to our polls on social media and see the collective answers analyzed every Sunday.  

NHL Fantasy – Overview of the best strategies for fantasy hockey, updated throughout the season.

Flames Game Visual Recaps – Game day recaps with original graphs to display a variety of game stats. Includes a summary of the game highlights so you never miss a moment.

TWC Power Rankings – Data-based rankings of all 32 teams each week. The rankings are based on stats from the previous week and are calculated uniquely by the TWC team.

Prospect Updates – A weekly update of the young Flames in their respective leagues.

TWC also provides original content several times a week that’s timely with everything happening with the Flames and the NHL, so be sure to stay up-to-date with all of the league’s stories and breakdowns.

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The TWC team loves to interact with other passionate hockey fans across our social media platforms. There are a number of ways to get involved including weekly polls for our Sunday Census or sending us a question on any platform to spark discussion.

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The 2021–22 TWC team is composed of nine passionate hockey fans, each bringing a unique perspective. Whether a cofounder or a new addition to the team, each member plays an important role in creating content.

Bill Tran

Bill Tran was born and raised in Calgary and has been a loyal Calgary Flames fan since the golden days of Miika Kiprusoff and Jarome Iginla. Bill co-founded the Win Column alongside Karim Kurji back in 2015 and has enjoyed creating Flames content ever since. Bill enjoys data-driven content in order to tell stories that would otherwise be overlooked. Bill lends his expertise to game day recaps as well as visualizations of a variety of stats.

Connect with Bill on Twitter: @mrbilltran

Boyan Demchuk

Boyan Demchuk is excited to begin his first season with the TWC team. Boyan is currently a graduate student studying journalism in Toronto. Boyan grew up in Calgary and went to games frequently as a kid and has been a fan his entire life. He is still learning what his favourite thing to write about is, however, he also enjoys designing and producing video content. Boyan designs hockey jerseys and other sports-related content which you can find on his Instagram account. Outside of hockey, Boyan loves film, the Raptors, and watching Survivor.

Connect with Boyan on Twitter: @boyan_demchuk

Connect with Boyan on Instagram: @boyan.demchuk

Emily Hutchinson

Emily Hutchinson is excited to return for her first full season with the TWC. Born and raised in Calgary, she grew up going to Flame’s games with her dad which made her a fan for life. Emily does not yet have a favorite topic to write about but loves sharing thoughts and ideas with other fans. Her favorite recent Flames moment was watching the team’s short-lived time in the 2020 playoff bubble, something which gave Emily some much-needed joy during the pandemic. Outside of watching hockey, Emily enjoys everything active and studies at the University of Calgary.

Evan Schwartz

Evan Schwartz joined TWC a year ago in October 2020. Like other team members, watching Kiprusoff and Iginla while growing up made Evan fall in love with the Flames and he has been a loyal fan ever since. Outside of hockey, he is a student at Carleton University in Ontario. Despite the Eastern time zone, Evan stays up late to watch every Flames game live.

Connect with Evan on Twitter: @_evanschwartz

John MacKinnon

John Mackinnon has been with TWC since 2017. John met co-founders Bill and Karim after he completed his Masters and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the team. John has been a Flames fan for as long as he can remember.  He credits the ’04 cup run as a major factor in the excitement he has for the current team.

John says: “the Flames have become such an integral part of my life that many of my favorite moments growing up are tied directly to the team.” Most of his passion stems from the fact that cheering for the Flames directly influenced his relationship with his dad, something he is eternally grateful for.

In addition to watching hockey, John works full time providing consulting services in the sustainability and climate change space. You can often find him out on the golf course taking money off his dad, or playing with his dog Abby, the unofficial TWC Mascot.

Connect with John on Twitter: @johnmackinnon24

Jonathan Donville

Jonathon Donville has been a TWC contributor since 2019. He is a current master’s student at the University of Maryland and previously graduated from Cornell University. Jonathan was selected first overall in the 2021 NLL Draft by the Panther City Lacrosse Club after previously winning the Minto Cup with the Orangeville Northmen. He credits Johnny Gaudreau for re-igniting his love for both hockey and the Flames and will always love him for that, regardless of his imperfections as a player.

Connect with Jonathon on Twitter: @jdonville13

Joshua Serafini

Joshua Serafini has been with the Win Column for just about a year. He grew up and still resides in Ontario but is a long-time Calgary Flames fan. He became a fan back in 2004 while watching the Flames Stanley Cup run. His favorite recent Flames moment was Matt Stajan’s inspiring game six winner against Vancouver in 2015, as well as the day Geoff Ward was fired. Joshua contributes his knowledge in regular NHL Fantasy updates. Besides writing, Joshua’s hobbies include pickup ball hockey and playing video games.

Connect with Joshua on Twitter: @JoshuaS_10

Karim Kurji

Karim Kurji has been with the blog since its beginning in 2015. As a co-founder, he was here on day one and is incredibly proud of how far the TWC team has come. Karim says “I am a Flames fan because I enjoy being right—just kidding. I was born and raised in Calgary and will always call this city home.” Spending five years in Edmonton for university magnified his love for the team and it’s been a ton of fun watching them try their best the past 20 years.

Karim enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. Prospects and fantasy hockey are his personal favorites, as are breaking down trends for different teams or the league as a whole.

Outside of the blog, work keeps Karim busy. He is also a chair for RYLA which is an amazing leadership program run through rotary international for high school students in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Karim tries to ski, golf, and play squash as much as he can and is excited to return to these activities post-pandemic.

Connect with Karim on Twitter: @karimkurji

Khalid Keshavjee

Khalid Keshavjee has been writing for The Win Column for the past three years. Khalid enjoys writing about a variety of topics surrounding the Flames, including line combinations, strategies, and player profiles. He is particularly passionate about the Flames’ prospect pool. Khalid invites fans to “catch our TWC prospect update each Wednesday where we break down how the Flames’ young stars have done in their respective leagues, and what you need to get excited about!”

Connect with Khalid on Twitter: @KMKeshavjee

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